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William's Answers for I-485 Application and Other Related Questions

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Do I Have to Go Through an Interview after Submitting the I-485 Application?
Whether I Should Continue to Work with H-1B or Using the EAD for Employment?
The Procedure to Get Green Card after the Petition is Approved but I am outside U.S.? 
Do I Need to File Form I-485, Supplement J again for Job Change?
Can I Apply for Concurrent Filing of I-485 for Consular Immigrant Visa Processing?
How to Ask USCIS to Expedite Processing the Age-Out Form I-485 Application?
Can I Change Employer When My Form I-485 Petition Is Pending?
Can I Transfer the Approved Form I-140 Petition to a New Employer?
Do I Need to File Form I-485 Supplement J for Job Offer Verification?
Date For Filing vs. Final Action Date, the Two-Tiered Visa Bulletin
Can I Change to a Similar Job but with Different SOC Code and Higher Wage?
Same or Similar Job Requirement and Job Portability Under AC21
With Pending I-485 Application, File Supplement J for AC21 Job Portability
My Current J1 Status Will Expire Soon, Can I Work while My Form I-485 Is Pending?
Not Need to File Form I-485 Supplement J for Approved EB-1A and NIW Petitioner
Do I Need to File  Form I-485 Supplement J also?
Will I Be Eligible for Form I-485 Application for Adjustment of Status?
Do I Need to File Form I-864 as an Affidavit of Support?
The Alien Applicant's Job Duties Must be Sufficiently Similar for Form I-485 Application
Do I Need to Go Through an Interview Process for I-485 Application?
Differences Between Sponsor and Joint Sponsor for I-864 Affidavit of Support
The Chargeability Rule to File Form I-485 Application
What Conditions Would Make an Alien Applicant Inadmissible on Medical Ground?
The Application of Reentry Permit to Avoid Abandoning the Green Card
How to Use the Dates of Filing Applications for Form I-485 Adjustment of Status?
Consular Processing - Another Primary Path to Green Card of United States 
Unauthorized Employment and Form I-485 Application for U.S. Green Card
How to Find a Medical Doctor for the Form I-485 Medical Examination?
Important Differences between Labor Certification and Employment Authorization Document (EAD)
How Could My Wife Get Employment Authorization Document (EAD) to Work in U.S.?
The Consular Processing for an Immigrant Visa After Form I-140 Approval
How Do I Get Employment Authorization for My Wife As Soon As Possible?
Immigration Medical Examination for I-485 Application of Status Adjustment
Do I Have to Apply for an Advance Parole before Travel while I-485 Pending?
Does It Make Sense for Me to Apply for Advance Parole?
When Should I file I-485 Application? Do I Need My Employer to File It for Me?
Can I Leave the U.S. While Waiting for a Green Card Approval?
The Form I-485 Green Card Application and the Cross-Country Chargeability
The Recent Unavailability of Immigrant Visa Numbers for EB2 and AC-21 Changing Employer
Can I Use a Church Certificate with an Affidavit from Priest as My Marriage Certificate?
Is It Possible for Me to Register and Run an LLC Company while Working with EAD?
Can I Continue to Work and Stay on the EAD Card after I-485 Denial?
My I-485 Application Is Still Pending, Do I Have to Renew My EAD?
The I-485 Application Cannot Simply Be Filed Based on the New Employer's Job Offer
I Want to Use the AC21 Portability to Change Job in the Same or Similar Field
What Is the Meaning of "Same or Similar" Job in the AC-21 Rule for Job change?
Potential Problems for Job Change too Soon after I-485 Approval
Why I Still Need the Medical Examination for Adjustment of Status?
Pending I-485 Application with Moral Related None-Criminal Charges
Is It Possible for USCIS to Deny My EAD Application Because of the Form I-485 RFE?
Do I Need to Apply for a Reentry Permit to Avoid Lose My Immigrant Status?
The Background of Chargeability and the Basic Chargeability Rule
Do I Need to File Form I-864 as an Affidavit of Support?
What Kind of Checks Will Be Included in the I-485 Background Security Check?
How Many Days Is Needed for Me to Renew the EAD in Advance?
Can My Wife and Son File Form I-485 based on my NIW I-140 Approval also?
What Is the Procedure of the "FBI Name Check", and How Long It Would Take?
Can My Employer Harm My I-485 Green Card Case?
What Are the Current Application Fees for Form I-485, Form I-765, and Form I-131?
Can I Use AC-21 Rule to Change Employer before I-140 Approval?
New Job Can be Similar but Differ in Some Respects for AC-21 Job Changing
Can I Tie This NIW Based I-140 Petition to My Previously Filed I-485 Application?
Should I Use AP to Travel to My Home Country while My I-485 Is Pending?
There Is a Gap between My Approved EAD and the My New Employment
Can I Begin to Search for New Job, or Change Employer if Possible?
Do I Have to Wait to Work for this Company Until I Receive a Green Card?
Do I Need to Renew the EAD If the EB3 Visa Number is Available Soon?
If I Use My EAD While Employed on an H-1B, Does My H-1B Become Invalid
Can I Continue to Work without Receiving My EAD Renew Approval from USCIS?
Can I Leave My Current Job to Take Another Good Job Offer Using the AC-21 Portability?
Change Job in the Same or Similar Occupational Classification
Can I Use the EAD and Advanced Parole After Charging My Job?
Can I Start a Company and Work for Myself Using the EAD?
How Could I Know If the New Job Is in the Similar Occupational Classification as My Current Job?
What I Need to now about the "Similar or Same" Job Requirement?
To Change Job, the New Job Should be in a Similar Occupational Classification
Can I Use AC-21 Rule to Accept a Promotion or Transfer with My Green Card Sponsor?
It Is Important to maintain H-1B Status rather than Using EAD
With F-1 Visa and NIW approval, Should I Wait for the Approval of My AP Application Before I Travel?
Reply the Request for Evidence and Your I-140/ I-485 Applications Status
About the Form I-140 and Form I-485 Processing and Adjudication Delay
After My J1 Waiver Approval, Can I File I-140/I-485 First and H1B Later on?
The Corporate Changes by Merger or Acquisition with no "Successor-in-interest" Nature
Does It Mean the I-485 Cases Like My Will be Approved Quickly Because of the Available Immigration Visas?
I-485 Application under 245(k) If the Unauthorized Employment Did not Last 180 Days
The Priority Date Is not Transferable Between the Spouses
Combining Education and Experience for H-1B Approval and I-485 Permanent Residency
How Many Years Tax Return Are Required for I-864 Affidavit Support?
Fingerprinting Is a Mandatory Requirement for I-485 Applicants between the Age of 14 to 78
The Following-to-join Benefit for a Permanent Resident's Spouse
Termination of Concurrent I-140 and I-485 Filing, and Fee Increase for Premium Processing Service
Can I Concurrently File I-130 Petition and I-485 Application for Family-based Immigration Case?
Is It Still Available to File the Concurrent I-140/ I-485 Applications with Premium Processing?
The Launch of Form I-140 Premium Processing Services Will not Affect the I-140/ I-485 Concurrent Filing
Is It Possible to Change Employer One More Time Under the AC-21 Portability
Do I Have Any Problem for the I-485 Application?
Can I Possibly Stay in the U.S. and Wait for Adjusting Status?
The Importance of Employment for NIW based I-485 Application Approval
With a H-4 Visa, May I File I-140 Application as a Registered Nurse?
What Is My Priority Date and Make Me Eligible for the I-140/I-485 Concurrent Filing?
I Want to Know if I Can Take This Job Without Affecting the Pending Green Card Process
The I-485 Application and Working Without Authorization for Less Than 180 Days
Is There any Way to Save My Labor Certification and the Approved I-140?
What is the Specific Law Interpretation for the Extended H-1B Visa after the Possible I-485 Denial?
What Date is My Wife's Priority Date?
I Want to Know How Could My Marriage Impact the I-485 Process?
If I file I-485 Now, May I Change My Current Job After 180 Days?
What Will Happen for My I-485 Application if My Company Has to Relocate Me?
Is There Anything I Can Do to Avoid the Long Time Priority Date Cutoff and Visa Unavailability for Chinese?
I Want to Know Whether I Need to Renew the EAD if the EB3 Visa Number is Available Soon?
Do I Have to Have a New Job or Job Offer for My I-485 to Get Approved?
May I Take the Advantage of AC21 Portability to Change Employer?
The Refugee and Asylee Applicants Do not Age-out and They Will not be Expedited
Does This Mean I Can Not File the I-485 Application due to the Visa Number Unavailability?
The Unauthorized Employment and the Section 245(k) Eligibility for I-1485 Application
Can I Start My Own Technical Based Company with the EAD?
My I-485 Application Has Been Transferred to an USCIS District Office for an Interview
The I-485 Status Adjustment and the Employment Verification Letter
Can I Include My Parents in the I-485 Application as My Dependents?
Can I Start My Own Company with the EAD Card, While the I-485 is Still Pending? 
May I Quit My Current Job and Work as an Independent Contractor After I-140 Approval?
Under AC-21 Law, Can I Change Employer More Than One Times?
Is It Still Possible to Extend the EAD When the Visa Number not Available? 
What Happens If My I-140 Application Is Revoked Before It Is Approved?
What Could be the Reason that My I-140 Has not Been Processed Yet? 
Traveling Outside U.S. with the Advance Parole
Should I Ask the USCIS Service Center to Transfer my I-485 Case to Another Service Center? 
Is There Any Risk if I Change Employer Now?
When is the Appropriate Time to File the H-1B 7th Year Extension?
USCIS May Continue Adjudication of I-485 once It Receives a Proof of New Employment
Can I Just Use EAD to Work Continuously for the Current Employer?  
What Will Happen for My I-485 Application If My I-140 Application Is Disapproved?
The Employer's Withdrawal of the I-140 Petition
Is There Any Requirement of How Long I Can Change Job After the I-485 Approval?
The Advance Parole Gives You Certainty to Re-enter the U.S.
Using a Pre-approved Labor Certification Provided by Employer
Can I Use the EAD to Work for Another Employer?
How Could I Bring My Wife to USA and Join My Current Green Card Application? 
I May Be Laid off Soon, What Options Do I Have? 
The Offer of "Temporary" Employment May not be The Interpretation of AC-21
If I file I-485 Now, May I Change My Current Job After 180 Days? 
I Got Notice To Ask Me To Do Finger Printing Again
Do I Have to Get I-140 Petition Approval First for the EAD Application?
Do I Need To File A H-1B Amendment For My Employment Relocation?
Do I Have to Apply for Advanced Parole Document for Travel Aboard?
Should I Apply For A H1B Visa While I-140 Pending?
Would I Get Trouble For Changing Job After Submitting I-140?
Is There Any Way That I Can Check My I-485 Application Status?
What Will Happen For My I-485 Application If My I-140 Is Rejected After The RFE
What Is The Best Situation For Me If My H-1B Expires While I-485 Pending
Residence Address Changes after I-485 application
What is the advantage if I apply for EAD
Notifying the USCIS for your job change after 180 days of I-485 application
What is going on for my concurrently filed I-485 application?
Am I Eligible for Applying for 7th Year H-1B Extension, Due to My I-140 Pending?
The Advantage of The Concurrent I-140/I-485 Filing
Can One Change Job 3 months after I-485 Approval if the Job is in a Similar Category?
The Advantages and Disadvantages of Applying for New H-1B or Using EAD?
Can I work for another employer with my EAD?
If I Apply for EAD for a New Job, Can I Still Keep My H-1B Status?
I-485 Application for Adjustment of Status and Visa Availability
Work Permit After I-140 NIW Approval
How Could I Take the Medical Exam for I-485 Petition?
Can I Travel Outside the United States During I-485 Waiting?
Substituting old I-140 with new I-140 to already filed I-485
Substitute newly approved I-140 to submitted I-485
Can I use the approved I-140 from my previous employer for I-485 petition?
Can I using existing EAD working for new employer?
Replace the previous approved I-140 in I-485 application with new I-140 approval
Changed job after filing of NIW, do I have any problem for I-485 petition?



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