I Got Notice To Ask Me To Do Finger Printing Again


Dr. William:

I filed my self-petition of I-140 form and I-485 form, as concurrent application at the Vermont Service Center more than one year ago, and got finger printing thereafter. 

My I-140 was approved now, but my I-485 is still pending. But last week, I got notice to ask me to do finger printing again. Why should this happen?



Due to the long processing time for I-485 applications at the USCIS service centers. Some service center may issue fingerprinting notice again, since the applicant's fingerprints have expired.

Also, some applicant's family members might be too young for fingerprinting at the time of filing the I-485, but after one year or more, these family members may be asked to do fingerprinting if they have reached the 14 years older.






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