Fingerprinting Is a Mandatory Requirement for I-485 Applicants between the Age of 14 to 78


Dr. William:

I am going to file I-485 application for adjustment of status to permanent residence. My son is under the age of 14 now, but will turn to ago 14 within a few months. Does he need to do fingerprinting when I include him for his green card application?

A: Fingerprinting is a mandatory requirement for applicants between the age of 14 to 78 for I-485 application. If your son turns the age of 14 prior to his case being adjudicated, he should receive a fingerprinting appointment. 

USCIS will normally send a request for biometrics fee (fingerprinting fee), and you have to send the request letter back with a check for the fee. It is difficult to know whether your son will need to undergo fingerprinting or not, because of the uncertainty of when USCIS will adjudicate his I-485 application.






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