May I Get Trouble for Changing Job after Submitting I-140?

Dr. William:

I have purchased your do-it-yourself package and just submitted the I-140 in the category of EB1-EA. To plan ahead for the unexpected events. I want to ask you two questions, can you please kindly provide your answers?

1) Would I get trouble for the approval of my immigrant petition if I change job after submitting I-140 while the result is pending?

2) What about if I change job after I-140 is approved but I-485 is sill pending? 

Thank you very much for your assistance.


If your I-140 application is signed by yourself, you application is not employer sponsored, so you can change job in the same category at any time without problem. But If your employer signed the petition, you normally should not change job before I-485 approval.








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