The Advance Parole Gives You Certainty to Re-enter the U.S.


Dr. William:

My I-485 application has been pending about one year already, and I want to travel outside the U.S. this summer. Do I have to apply for an Advance Parole before my traveling? 


Since your I-485 is pending, you need to apply for an Advance Parole before traveling outside the U.S.. The Advance Parole application process is not fast, so you need to give enough time before the traveling.

While your I-485 is pending, the Advance Parole gives you certainty to re-enter the U.S., more than your current non-immigrant visa. Furthermore, if your current non-immigrant visa (like H-1B) is terminated while you are on the trip, because of the your employment termination or the company change, you normally will be allowed to enter the U.S. with an Advance Parole





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