My I-485 Application Has Been Transferred to an USCIS District Office for an Interview


Dr. William:

I got a notice last week that my I-485 application has been transferred to an USCIS District Office for an interview. As my understood that the I-485 interview is waived for employment based immigration, but I do know why I need to have the interview?


Usually, the USCIS uses the Request for Evidence (RFE) as a method for obtaining information. But after review of some of the cases, the USCIS Service Center may decide that the interviews at the USCIS District Offices are appropriate for some I-485 application cases to get more information. 

Under the current criteria, interviews are generally waived when:

  • the principal applicant continues to be employed with the petitioning employer;

  • the principal applicant has been approved in the Extraordinary or Exceptional Ability classification;

  • the principal applicant has been approved as an Outstanding Professor / Researcher or Multinational Executive / Manager and continues to have an ongoing job offer with the sponsor; or

  • the principal applicant is a physician who has been approved for a National Interest Waiver based on his or her having worked in an underserved area.






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