How Many Years Tax Return Are Required for I-864 Affidavit Support?


Dr. William:

I am preparing to file I-485 application for adjustment. I am married with one son. Now I need to submit the affidavit support for my family members. How many years tax return are required for affidavit support? and what are the other requirements?

A: According to the recent changes for affidavits of support, the initial submission of an affidavit of support has to consist of the I-864 and the latest year's tax return. The sponsor can submit 3 years of tax returns, if he or she believes that the other years' tax returns will help to prove the ability to support the applicants. 

Also, the requirement that I-864 must be redone if over a year is no longer valid, and that other information is only supposed to be requested pertaining to the current year, where the tax return did not meet the 125 percent guideline.






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