Can I Use the EAD and Advanced Parole After Charging My Job?

Dr. William:

I filed the I-140 and I-485 several months ago. Now, I have the EAD and Advanced Parole. Can I change job and use the EAD for a new company? Can I use the Advanced Parole for international travel after I change the job?


You can use EAD to work for any employer. But if your I-140 gets RFE and your previous employer refuse to answer the RFE, your I-140 and I-485 will be denied, along your EAD and Advanced Parole.

If you are traveling abroad at the time that your I-140 and I-485 are denied and you do not have H-1 petition approval with the visa stamped on your password which will let you be able to enter the U.S. in H-1 status, you will not be allowed to reenter the U.S.








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