I Want to Know Whether I Need to Renew the EAD if the EB3 Visa Number is Available Soon?

Dr. William:

My EB3 Labor Certification based I-485 application is still pending due to the visa number unavailable. I am now working on Employment Authorization Document (EAD), which will expire within 3 months. I want to know whether I need to renew the EAD if the EB3 visa number is available on October 2005? 

A: Once EB3 visa number becomes available for you, the I-485 application is still subject to processing time and processing requirements, such as fingerprinting, security checks, and review by the adjudicator. Therefore, if a visa number is available for your case on October 2005, the case may not be ready for a final decision for a few more months. Due to the uncertainty, you should continue to extend the EAD, if you intend to rely upon it for work.





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