Can I Work for Another Employer with My EAD?


Dr. William:

I have submitted my I-485 last year September.  The case is still pending but the company I work for is not doing so good.  It might be soon that the company will file a bankruptcy.  

I got my EAD, so if the company files a bankruptcy, can I work for somebody else with my EAD?  Does it have to be a similar field of work?  Also, do I have to wait till the company files a bankruptcy to look for a new job?


According to new law AC21, you can change employer in the same field after filing I-484 form 180 days. You can look for job now. It is safe to apply for new H-1B from new employer, not use EAD. Because if your I-485 is rejected by USCIS, then your EAD will be invalid, and you can not work any more.





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