Changed Job After Filing Of NIW, Do I Have Any problem For I-485 Petition?

Dr. William:

I filed a self-petitioned NIW in CSC last May. Thereafter, I changed job and working in New York City area. I just know that my self-petitioned case was approved. I am wondering where I should submit my I-485? CSC or VSC?

I have heard the freedom of changing jobs for NIW if you are working in the same field. Since I changed job after filing of NIW, do I have any problem for I-485 petition?


Since you are not working the same position that you were in when the NIW was filed, it is very possible that the USCIS will ask you to file a new I-140. If you file for I-485 adjustment, you must file with the USCIS center which covers the place where you now live, in your case, it is VSC.

Also, you should be prepared to file a new NIW petition, since most USCIS adjudicators regard a change in employer as invalidating the original NIW approval (It depends on the individual officer).








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