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William's Answers for Immigration Questions - Year 2002 

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Year  2002 Questions & Answers

The differences between H-1B visa from other non-immigrant visas (12/31/2002)
Countries Qualifying for Lottery Green Card Program (12/22/2002)
What is the advantage if I apply for EAD (12/15/2002)
Notifying the INS for your job change after 180 days of I-485 application (12/08/2002)
Applying for EB1-EA or EB1-OR (12/01/2002)
H-1B status after the company merging into another company (11/25/2002)
May I leave U.S. for a short time after filing a H-1B petition (11/17/2002)
What is going on for my concurrently filed I-485 application? (11/11/2002)
The 7th year extension for H-1B, for labor certification applicants (11/03/2002)
The Prevailing Wage is not Required for EB-1 Outstanding Researcher or NIW (10/26/2002)
Substitution of Labor Certification Approval (10/20/2002) 
International Medical Graduate Conrad Program Will be Expanded (10/13/2002)
Am I Eligible for Applying for 7th Year H-1B Extension, Due to My I-140 Pending? (10/06/2002)
Can I Petition for NIW Category After Denied A Labor Certification? (9/30/2002)
A Question About Reference Letters for NIW (9/23/2002)
The recent INS policy for laid-off H-1B holder to file H-1B extension (9/15/2002) 
INS Medical Doctor Information for Medical Examination (9/9/2002)
The Advantage of The Concurrent I-140/I-485 Filing (9/2/2002)
The Wage Requirement for H-1B Petition (8/25/2002)

It Is Hard to Get Labor Certification now, Should I wait for later Application? (8/18/2002)

Can One Change Job 3 months after I-485 Approval if the Job is in a Similar Category? (8/11/2002)
The Requirement for H-1B Status and The Filing Fee (8/4/2002)
The Advantages and Disadvantages of Applying for New H-1B or Using EAD? (7/28/2002)
Can I work for another employer with my EAD? (7/23/2002)
A Child Born Abroad of Permanent Resident Parents (7/16/2002)
The Aging-out Process For Immigration Application (7/9/2002)
H-1B Visa Application in Consular Processing at Your Home Country (7/1/2002)
How Can a Ph.D. Student Apply for Green Card? (6/25/2002)

May I file I-485 before I get J-1 waiver notice from INS? (6/17/2002)

The Requirements And Qualifications for Extraordinary Ability Application (6/10/2002)
Can We Apply Green Card Separately So if One Gets Denied, We can Rely on Other Person? (6/3/2002)
If I Apply for EAD for a New Job, Can I Still Keep My H-1B Status? (5/29/2002)
I Am not Sure Whether I Am Required for 2-year Home Residence Requirement (5/19/2002)
I-485 Application for Adjustment of Status and Visa Availability (5/13/2002)

Can I Transfer The approved Labor Certification To My Current Employer? (5/6/5002)

What Are The Options For J1 Waiver? (5/5/2002)

INS Break Up And Its Affecting On Immigration Petitioners (4/28/2002)
Legally Stay And Work In US After 6 Years of H-1B Time Limit (4/21/2002)
I hold a B-1 visa to work in USA, how long I will entitle to apply a Green Card? (4/15/2002)
Department of Labor Changed its RIR Applications for U.S. Worker Availability (4/14/2002)
Interested Government Agency (IGA) Waiver for J-1 Holder (4/7/2002)
EB1-EA petition parallel to an EB2 petition filed by employer (3/31/2002)
RFE question to provide Evidence of the beneficiary's original scientific contributions (3/30/2002)
Work Permit After I-140 NIW Approval (3/23/2002)
EB1-EA and EB1-OR Petitions at Different INS Service Centers (3/18/2002)
Form Requirement for The I-140 Petition (3/17/2002)
How could I prove that I can establish future benefit to the U.S. in EB1-EA petition (3/10/2002)
H-1B Lay-Offs and Grace Period (03/04/2002)
J1 Waiver of "No Objection" (03/03/2002)
L Visa And H Visa Revalidation Process in U.S. (2/24/2002)
Your previous labor certification is not transferable (2/17/2002)
J-1 status works for a company with H-1B (2/10/2002)
NIW Qualifications For a Person with a Master and Three Years Experience (2/4/2002)
How Could I Take the Medical Exam for I-485 Petition? (2/3/2002)
My I-129 Petition for H-1B Visa Approval (1/27/2002)
Requesting the Prevailing Wage Evaluation for H-1B Visa (1/21/2002)
EB1-OR Application Compared with EB1-EA Application (1/20/2002)
May I apply for National Interest Waiver, while my Labor Certification is still pending (1/13/2002)
Apply For O Visa and Its Qualifications (1/07/2002)
Premium Processing Service For H-1B (1/06/2002)
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