The Wage Requirements For H-1B Petition

Dr. William:

I am currently in F-1 visa and my salary is not high. I want to order your "Complete Do-It-Yourself Package for H-1B". Before I apply for the H-1B status, I want to know is there a wage requirement for H-1B petition? and How long can a person in H-1B status?


There is a wage requirement for H-1B petition. The H-1B holder must be paid the prevailing wage, which can be found in most wage surveys. There are many such wage surveys and there is considerable difference among them. Therefore, it is not hard to accommodate the situation where the salary is low.

H-1B can be initially for three years and can be renewed for another three years. After six years, it can be renewed one year a time under certain conditions, such as your I-140 application has been approved.  







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