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Year 2011 Questions & Answers

Could My Situation Qualify for the H-1B Requirement of "Employer-Employee Relationship"? (12/19/2011)
Do You Think My New Employer Should File an Amended H-1B Petition to USCIS? (12/14/2011)
The Procedure of Form I-140 Petition by Using USCIS' E-Filing (12/05/2011)
What Is the Exact Definition of "Branch Office" for the L Visa Application? (11/28/2011)
What Happens to My Labor Certifications Filed by the Predecessor Company? (11/21/2011)
The I-485 Application Cannot Simply Be Filed Based on the New Employer's Job Offer (11/15/2011)
What Will Happen If I Decide to Stay in U.S. Longer with My Non-immigrant Visa? (11/06/2011)
How to Qualify for EB2 - Members of the Professions Holding Advanced Degree (10/28/2011)
Is It True that an NIH Employee Cannot Write Reference Letter for Green Card Application Purpose? (10/17/2011)
Can I Take This On-Line Business Job with Pay as F-1 Student? (10/12/2011)
How Could I Know the Length of Time I Have Permission to Remain in the United States? (10/3/2011)
In What Situation I Can Work in U.S. with F-1 Visa to Support Myself Financially? (9/23/2011)
I Want to Use the AC21 Portability to Change Job in the Same or Similar Field (9/12/2011)
Applying for US. Green Card in the Category of EB2 with a BS Degree (9/5/2011)
What Are the Major Difference between EB2 and EB3 Green Card Application? (8/25/2011)
If I File a NIW Petition and My H-1B Will Expire Soon, Can I Stay in the U.S.? (8/17/2011)
The B-2 Visa Holder's Overstay and ICE's Policy for Deportation (8/8/2011)
PERM Labor Certification, EB1-Extraordinary Ability Application, and How to Prepare Reference Letters (7/28/2011) 
What Is the Meaning of "Same or Similar" Job in the AC-21 Rule for Job change? (7/22/2011)
Potential Problems for Job Change too Soon after I-485 Approval (7/13/2011)
What Is the 221(g) Refusal? and What Can I Do to Get the H-1B Visa Approval? (7/4/2011)
Do You Think a Minor Conviction May Affect My U.S. Citizenship Application? (6/27/2011)
W2 Form Does not Match with LCA, Is This a Problem for My H-1B Status Renew or DOL? (6/17/2011)
Why I Still Need the Medical Examination for Adjustment of Status? (6/7/2011)
Retrieving the unused Optional Practical Training (OPT) For F-1 Students (5/28/2011)
The Consular Processing to Get Immigrant Visa after NIW I-140 Approval (5/17/2011)
Pending I-485 Application with Moral Related None-Criminal Charges (5/9/2011)
The Eligibility Must be Established as of the Filing Date of the EB1 Petition (5/2/2011)
H-1B Fees for U.S. Worker Training and Fraud Prevention (4/20/2011)
NIW Petition - Addressing all the NYSDOT Case's Prongs Separately (4/15/2011)
The Criteria Used by USCIS for EB1 Prizes or Awards with National or International Significance (4/4/2011)
Is It Possible for USCIS to Deny My EAD Application Because of the Form I-485 RFE? (3/27/2011)
Do I Need to Apply for a Reentry Permit to Avoid Lose My Immigrant Status? (3/21/2011)
The Background of Chargeability and the Basic Chargeability Rule (3/9/2011)
Do I Need to File Form I-864 as an Affidavit of Support? (2/28/2011)
How to Understand and Fill the Part 6 of the Form I-129 for H-1B, L-1, O-1 Visa Application? (2/22/2011)
What Kind of Checks Will Be Included in the I-485 Background Security Check? (2/14/2011)
Does This Means that She Failed to Maintain Her H-4 Status in U.S.? (2/6/2011)
Without Many Publications and Citations, Do you Believe that I May Qualify for NIW? (1/24/2011)
How Many Days Is Needed for Me to Renew the EAD in Advance? (1/11/2011)
EB1C Beneficiary Must Be Employed Abroad in a Managerial or Executive Position (1/1/2011)
Home >> William's Answers for Immigration and Visa Application Questions
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