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Greetings From William: Got a question about your Green Card application or visa status that our web site didn't answer? You can email me at william@greencardapply.com. I can not promise that I will certainly have the answer, but I will be sure to try as always. I am often busy or traveling, so if in some cases a lot of questions waiting for me, I may take days to respond, don't worry, I will get back to you as soon as I can. In addition to offering help, I'd appreciate your help and feedback.

Year  2005 Questions & Answers

I Am not Sure Whether I Should File an Outstanding Researcher Petition or a Labor Certification (12/20/2005)
What Date is My Wife's Priority Date? (12/13/2005)
Applying for NIW with a Bachelor Degree plus 6 Year Work Experience (12/6/2005)
Can I Use My Employer's Certified Labor Certification with only a Three-year College Degree (11/29/2005)
Can I Begin My H1B Visa Application Before the J1 Waiver Approval? (11/22/2005)
I Want to Know How Could My Marriage Impact the I-485 Process? (11/15/2005)
The Bill S. 1932 Will Permit Certain People to Apply for I-485 During the Period of Visa Retrogression (11/9/2005)
If I file I-485 Now, May I Change My Current Job After 180 Days? (11/1/2005)
I Want to Apply For NIW By Myself, But I Do Not Have Many Published Papers (10/26/2005)
To Keep The Labor Certification, You Should Not Change Your Job (10/25/2005)
What Will Happen for My I-485 Application if My Company Has to Relocate Me? (9/24/2005)
Is There Anything I Can Do to Avoid the Long Time Priority Date Cutoff and Visa Unavailability for Chinese? (9/16/2005)
I Want to Know Whether I Need to Renew the EAD if the EB3 Visa Number is Available Soon? (9/8/2005)
The Second H-1B Application Will Not Be Counted Towards the Yearly H-1B Cap (9/1/2005)
Is It Possible to Transfer My Earlier Priority Date to My New I-140 Application? (8/25/2005)
Do I Have to Have a New Job or Job Offer for My I-485 to Get Approved? (8/20/2005)
Is There any Chance for U.S. Department of State to Reinstate the Visa Revalidation Program? (8/13/2005)
Can I Qualify for One of the New 20,000 H1B Visa Exemptions? (8/5/2005)
May I Take the Advantage of AC21 Portability to Change Employer? (7/29/2005)
The Refugee and Asylee Applicants Do not Age-out and They Will not be Expedited (7/22/2005)
Does This Mean I Can Not File the I-485 Application due to the Visa Number Unavailability? (7/15/2005)
What Will be My Immigration Status if I Get Married with an American Citizen? (7/8/2005)
My PERM Labor Certification Was Instantly Rejected, What Can I Do Now? (6/30/2005)
What else I Need to Know Before Send out the I-140 Petition Materials to Avoid Rejection or an RFE? (6/24/2005) 
The Unauthorized Employment and the Section 245(k) Eligibility for I-1485 Application (6/16/2005)
The Labor Certification Sets Forth Minimum Qualifications for a Position (6/7/2005)
Can I Extend My Parents' B-2 Visa for Another 6 Months in U.S. (6/1/2005)
I Want to Know What I Need to Prepare for the Visa Interview to Come Back to USA (5/26/2005)
Can I Start My Own Technical Based Company with the EAD? (5/18/2005)
It Is Possible to Continue the Green Card Process If I Leave the US (5/11/2005)
May I Submit a New EB1-OR Application to the CSC Service Center (5/3/2005)
My I-485 Application Has Been Transferred to an USCIS District Office for an Interview (4/26/2005)
The Eligibility Must be Established as of the Filing Date of the EB1 Petition (4/20/2005)
The One-year Increment Extension of H-1B Beyond 6 Years (4/12/2005)
The I-485 Status Adjustment and the Employment Verification Letter (4/5/2005)
Can I Include My Parents in the I-485 Application as My Dependents? (3/29/2005)
Can I Start My Own Company with the EAD Card, While the I-485 is Still Pending? (3/21/2005)
What Are the Recruitment Advertisement Requirements in the PERM Program? (3/15/2005)
May I Quit My Current Job and Work as an Independent Contractor After I-140 Approval? (3/8/2005)
Is It True that the Salary Must be More than $60,000 to Qualify for the New H1B Program? (3/1/2005)
What Are the Requirements of USCIS for the EB1-Outstanding Researcher Category? (2/21/2005)
What Are the Recent Changes for the Student Visa Application And Clearance Process? (2/16/2005)
Under AC-21 Law, Can I Change Employer More Than One Times? (2/9/2005)
Do I Subject to the Three-year Bar to Enter US? (2/2/2005)
Is It Still Possible to Extend the EAD When the Visa Number not Available? (1/26/2004)
What Happens If My I-140 Application Is Revoked Before It Is Approved? (1/19/2005)
What Could be the Reason that My I-140 Has not Been Processed Yet? (1/12/2005)
You Should Not Try 'Forum Shopping' for Fast Processing (1/6/2005)
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