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Year 2013 Questions & Answers

O-1 Visa for Aliens with Extraordinary Ability - Requirements and Advantages (12/23/2013)
Obtaining the Prevailing Wage Determination before Recruitment Process (12/22/2013)
How to File Form I-290B to Appeal or Reopen the Denied H-1B Application (12/09/2013)
Immigration Medical Examination for I-485 Application of Status Adjustment (12/08/2013)
File EB1-Extraordinary Ability and National Interest Waiver at the Same Time (11/24/2014)
Please Help Me to Understand the RFE, and Let Me Know What I Should Do? (11/23/2014)
The Final Merits Determination in the EB1 Two-Step Adjudication Process (11/11/2013)
How to Conduct the PERM Labor Certification Recruitment Process (11/10/2013)
Does My Time Spending in H-1B Visa Count toward the L1A Visa Time Limit? (10/31/2013)
Do I have to File a H-1B Visa Transfer Application with My New Employer? (10/30/2013)
How to Apply for the Waiver of 3-Year and 10-Year Bars inside the United States (10/20/2013)
H-1B Visa Application - Submission of False Experience Documents (10/10/2013)
How to Apply for H-1B Status Transfer to Another Employer (9/26/2013)
What Is the PERM Labor Certification Application Audit? and What Do I Expect? (9/25/2013)
The PERM Labor Certification Requirements for EB-2 With Master Degree (9/16/2013)
L-1 Visa Qualification for Employee of an Affiliate Company (8/22/2013)
Do I Have to Apply for an Advance Parole before Travel while I-485 Pending? (8/5/2013)
File Multiple I-140 Petitions in Different Immigration Categories (7/22/2013)
Reference Letters for National Interest Waiver Application, and "Self-Serving" Argument in RFE Cases of NIW (7/14/2013)
How Could I Explain My Significance of Accomplishments for RFE of EB1 Extraordinary Ability Application? (7/8/2013)
The Basic Requirements for Green Card Application in EB1 Multinational Executives and Managers (6/27/2013)
Will USCIS Consider My NIW Application Materials Submitted Recently? (6/17/2013)
The No "Successor-in-interest" Nature for Corporate Changes by Merger or Acquisition (6/9/2013)
Do I have the Status Problem after the J1 Visa Expiration and Before the H-1B Approval? (6/2/3013)
Is It Necessary to State I Have a Permanent Position "At Will" for EB1-OR Application? (5/25/2013)
The Test of NYSDOT Third Prong for EB2-National Interest Waiver Petition (5/16/2013)
The Advantages of National Interest Waiver over Regular EB-2 Based PERM Labor Certification (5/5/2013)
What Are the Major Differences between the EB1 and EB2 NIW? (4/24/2013)
Students Who Travel outside U.S. beyond 5 Months (4/14/2013)
To Keep The Labor Certification, You Should Not Change Your Job (4/3/2013)
Does It Make Sense for Me to Apply for Advance Parole? (3/25/2013)
How to Renew My F-1 Status after a Study Break? (3/4/2013) 
How to Change Back to H-1B Status Without Subject to H-1B Cap (2/22/2013)
When Should I file I-485 Application? Do I Need My Employer to File It for Me? (2/12/2013)
Can I Leave the U.S. While Waiting for a Green Card Approval? (2/1/2013)
If I Am Being Laid Off, Can I Apply for Some Other Status? (1/24/2013)
What May Be the Possible Reasons for ETA Form 9089 Rejection? (1/12/2013)
Challenges and Minimum Requirements When Employer Seeks Labor Certification in EB2 (1/1/2013)
Home >> William's Answers for Immigration and Visa Application Questions
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