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Do I Have Go back to My Home Country to Get the H-1B Visa Stamping? (11/13/2017)
If I Am Laid off by My H-1B Employer, Can I Change Employer? (11/12/2017)
Is EB2 National Interest Wavier application only for Scientists and Researchers? (10/30/2017)
Can I Stay in U.S. Longer with My Non-immigrant Visa? (10/29/2017)
Apply for a Reentry Permit to Avoid Lose Immigrant Status (10/17/2017)
Write Reference Letter for Green Card Application Purpose (10/16/2017)
Eligibility Must be Established as of the Filing Date of the EB1 Petition (9/18/2017)
Qualify for the H-1B  Requirement of Employer-Employee Relationship (9/17/2017)
Can I Change to a Similar Job but with Different SOC Code and Higher Wage? (9/4/2017)
Difference between O-1 Visa and EB1-Extraordinary Ability Application (9/3/2017)
Do I Qualify for E Visa? and What Are the Requirements for E Visa Application? (8/21/2017)
What Are the Requirements for the EB1-C Functional Manager Application? (8/20/2017)
Can I Apply for EB-1A Immigration without Jeopardize My O-1 Status? (08/01/2017)
F-1 Student's H-1B Petition and Qualification for 60 Day Grace Period (07/31/2017)
Establishing a Qualifying Employer-Employee Relationship for H-1B Application (7/17/2017)
The Quality of the Evidence for EB1-EA and EB1-OR Application (7/16/2017)
The Supporting Evidence for EB2 National Interest Waiver (EB2 NIW) Petition (6/26/2017)
H-1B Status Is Lost upon Termination of the Employment, not upon Revocation (6/25/2017)
Same or Similar Job Requirement and Job Portability Under AC21 (6/6/2017)
Can I Apply for Premium Processing of O1 Visa? (6/5/2017)
No Official Grace Period for L1 Visa Holder After Employment Terminated (5/16/2017)
If I Want to Change Job, Can My Employer Harm My I-485 Application? (5/15/2017)
President Trump's Executive Order to Control the Hiring of H-1B Workers (5/1/2017)
With Pending I-485 Application, File Supplement J for AC21 Job Portability (4/30/2017)
USCIS Policy Change for Some Computer Programmers to Apply for H1B Status (4/17/2017)
My Current J1 Status Will Expire Soon, Can I Work while My Form I-485 Is Pending? (4/16/2017)
USCIS Will Temporarily Suspend Premium Processing for all H-1B Petitions (4/4/2017)
Can I Self-Petition for U.S. Green Card while Outside the United States? (4/3/2017)
What Happens If I Find Another H-1B Visa Sponsoring Employer? (3/13/2017)
O-1 Visa Is Based on a Person’s Individual Qualifications (3/12/2017)
Not Need to File Form I-485 Supplement J for Approved EB-1A and NIW Petitioner (2/28/2017)
Do I Need to File  Form I-485 Supplement J also? (2/27/2017)
Will I Be Eligible for Form I-485 Application for Adjustment of Status? (2/20/2017)
The Status Extension and Employment after a H-1B Petition for F-1 Student (2/19/2017)
The Dhanasar Decision's Impacts on National Interest Waiver Application for Entrepreneurs (2/7/2017)
President Trump's Immigration Executive Orders and H1B Program (2/6/2017)
How to Meet the 3 Prong Requirements of Matter of Dhanasar for EB2 NIW Petitions (1/24/2017)
What is the New Precedential National Interest Waiver Decision Released by AAO? (1/23/2017)
Can I File EB1 and EB2 NIW Categories at the Same Time? (01/04/2017)
The L-1  Petitions for Multiple Employees by the Same Employer (01/03/2017)
Year 2016 Questions & Answers
Does EB1 Outstanding Researcher or Professor Petition Need Employer Sponsorship? (12/12/2016)
Can I Stay in U.S. Longer with My Non-immigrant Visa? (12/11/2016)
What Should Consider When Evaluating the H-1B Employer-Employee Relationship? (11/27/2016)
EB1C Beneficiary Must Be Employed Abroad in a Managerial or Executive Position (11/26/2016)
USCIS Increases the Filing Fees for Most Types of Immigration Applications (11/14/2016)
Can I Use the “On-the-Job” Experience in My PERM Labor Certification Application? (11/13/2016)
Can a Partially or Fully Self-Incorporated Person Applies for O-1 Visa? (10/31/2016)
How to Assemble and Send My RFE Response to USCIS? (10/30/2016)
How to Apply for a P2 Visa at an American Consulate? (10/11/2016)
How to Request Prevailing Wage Determination for PERM Labor Certification? (10/10/2016)
It Is Necessary to Maintain H-4 Status for H-1B Spouse (9/20/2016)
Do I Need to File Form I-864 as an Affidavit of Support? (9/19/2016)
Can A Qualifying Company for L1 Visa Application Be a Partnership? (9/6/2016)
P2 Visas Application for Artist in Reciprocal Exchange Programs (9/5/2016)
How to Argue that My Work Is “National in Scope” for NIW Petition? (8/22/2016)
How to Get a Reference Letter from Officer of a U.S. Government Agency (8/21/2016)
Can I Upgrade My Green Card Application Case from EB3 to EB2 Category? (8/6/2016)
P-1 Visa for Athletes with Internationally Recognized Reputation (8/5/2016)
The Supervised Recruitment for PERM Labor Certification (7/25/2016)
The Alien Applicant's Job Duties Must be Sufficiently Similar for Form I-485 Application (7/24/2016)
Our Premium Petition Service Program for EB1 and EB2 NIW petitions (7/12/2016)
Request For Evidene from USCIS for Employer's Ability to Pay (7/11/2016)
The NIW Requirements and NIW Eligibility Criteria (06/24/2016)
How to Act Swiftly in Responding to an Request for Evidence (06/23/2016)
The Requirements for PERM Labor Certification Advertisement (06/06/2016)
Do I Need to Go Through an Interview Process for I-485 Application? (06/05/2016)
The Evidence of O1 Visa Application Filed by a U.S. Agent (05/23/2016)
The Business Plan for L1 Visa Application of New Office Openning in U.S. (05/22/2016)
Major Difference between EB2 and EB3 Green Card Application (05/10/2016)
Immigration for Members of Professions Holding Advanced Degree (05/09/2016)
O-1 Visa for Aliens with Extraordinary Ability - Requirements and Advantages (04/17/2016)
How to Conduct the PERM Labor Certification Recruitment Process (04/16/2016)
Criteria for EB1 Prizes or Awards with National or International Significance (03/28/2016)
Differences Between Sponsor and Joint Sponsor for I-864 Affidavit of Support (03/27/2016)
The H-1B Requirement of Employer-Employee Relationship (03/14/2016)
How to Apply for L-1 Visa to Start a New Business in the Unied States? (03/13/2016)
P-1 Visa for a Member of an Internationally Recognized Entertainment Group (03/01/2016)
Addressing all the NYSDOT Case's Prongs Separately in an EB2 NIW Petition (02/29/2016)
Can I Apply for O-1 Visa? What Are the O-1 Visa Qualification Requirements? (2/16/2016)
The Chargeability Rule to File Form I-485 Application (2/15/2016)
New Fees for H-1B Status and L-1 Visa/Status Petition (02/02/2016)
The Background Check for Form I-485 Adjustment of Status (02/01/2016)
P-1 Visa for Entertainer and Application Evidences (01/18/2016)
The Grace Periods for F-1 Students and J-1 Exchange Visitors (01/08/2016)
It Is Very Importance to Double Check All Information on the ETA Form 9089 (01/07/2016)
Year 2015 Questions & Answers
What Conditions Would Make an Alien Applicant Inadmissible on Medical Ground? (12/22/2015)
The Application of Reentry Permit to Avoid Abandoning the Green Card (12/21/2015)
Can I File a U.S. Green Card Application for Myself? (12/08/2015)
File PERM Labor Certification Late and the Rules for H-1B Extensions (12/07/2015)
The Heightened Legal Standards for EB1 Extraordinary Ability Petition (11/23/2015)
The J-1 Waiver Application on the Financial Hardship Ground (11/22/2015)
Draft Labor Certification Carefully to Avoid Problems at the Form I-140 Application (11/09/2015)
How to Use the DOL Wage Worksheet to Decide the Wage Level Properly? (11/08/2015)
How to Use the Dates of Filing Applications for Form I-485 Adjustment of Status? (10/27/2015)
USCIS Has Discontinued the Legacy E-Filing System (10/26/2017)
PERM Labor Certification Notice Posting for 10 Consecutive Business Days (09/21/2015)
The Dual Intent for H-1B Visa and L-1 Visa Application (09/20/2015)
How to Prove a Foreign Degree Deemed Equivalent to U.S. Bachelor’s Degree (09/08/2015)
How Could I Make Arguements for J-1 Waiver based on "Exceptional Hardship" (09/07/2015)
How Can I Meet the "Advanced Degree"Requirement for National Interest Waiver Petition? (8/25/2015)
USCIS Adjudicator's Wide Discretion in Adjudicating the EA-1A Petition (8/24/2015)
Employer's Ability to Pay for EB1 Multinational Executive or Manager Petition (8/11/2015)
Consular Processing - Another Primary Path to Green Card of United States (8/10/2015)
What Are the Qualification Requirements for O-1 Visa Application? (07/28/2015)
Three Year Experience in Research and Teaching Requirement for EB-1B Application (07/27/2015)
Do I Need a Consultation Letter for My O-1 Visa Application? (07/14/2015)
L1B Visa Worker's Specialized Knowledge and USCIS' Restrictions (07/13/2015)
EB1 Extraordinary Ability Request for Evidence (RFE) Question of Reviewing Journal Articles (06/29/2015)
Foreign Physician's Application of EB2 National National Interest for U.S. Permanent Residency (06/28/2015)
How to Reply RFE Request of "Wide Effect on Entire Field" for National Interest Waiver Petition? (06/14/2015)
Options for a Foreign Physician to Apply for U.S. Permanent Residence (06/13/2015)
How to Reply the NIW RFE Request for Ability to Serve U.S. National Interest? (5/31/2015)
Unauthorized Employment and Form I-485 Application for U.S. Green Card (5/30/2015)
How to Find a Medical Doctor for the Form I-485 Medical Examination? (5/18/2015)
The Difference Between the EB2 NIW and the EB1 Extraordinary Ability Application (5/17/2015)
What Should I Do for My O-1 Job Change in the United States? (4/27/2015)
Permanent Position for EB1 Outstanding Researcher or Professor and the Employment At Will (4/26/2015)
Can I File a Motion to Reopen or Motion to Reconsider after Form I-140 Denial? (4/11/2015)
Can I Apply for J-1 Waiver Based on Exceptional Hardship? (4/10/2015)
As a Laid Off H-1B Employee, Do I Have an Automatic 10-Day Grace Period? (3/30/2015)
Do I Need to Apply for L-1A Visa? What Are the Advantages to Have L-1A Visa? (3/29/2015)
Is the Interview for Form I-485 Application (Adjustment of Status) Required? (3/16/2015)
The Foreign Labor Certification iCERT Visa Portal System (3/15/2015)
How to Qualify the H-4 Spouse Requirement for Work Permit? (3/2/2015)
The Qualification Requirements of Employment Authorization (EAD) for H-4 Spouse (3/1/2015)
The L-1B Visa for Alien Workers with Specialized Knowledge (2/16/2015)
Changing Employer for Laid Off H-1B Employees With Advance Notice (2/15/2015)
What Documents Should Be Used for EB-1C Executive or Manager Petition? (2/1/2015)
The Advantages of O-1 Visa over H-1B Visa (1/31/2015)
Important Differences between Labor Certification and Employment Authorization Document (EAD) (1/18/2015)
Will the Job Change and New Job Title Affect My Pending Form I-485 Application? (1/17/2015)
What Is the Eligibility for Cap-Gap Extension of My F-1 Status? (01/03/2015)
After PERM Application Approval, How Long the I-140 Petition Process Will Take? (01/02/2015)

Year 2014 Questions & Answers

How to Present Documents for EB2 National Interest Waiver Petition for Entrepreneurs (12/21/2014)
Why Would the USCIS Conduct a Site Visit for Alien Workers in H-1B, L-1, or O-1 Status? (12/20/2014)
Is O-1 Visa a "Dual Intent" Visa? Can I Apply for U.S. Green Card in O-1 Status? (12/08/2014)
Use the Publication Citations as Strong Evidence for Your Green Card Application (12/07/2014)
What May Happen for my Form I-485 application, if My Form I-140 Is Rejected? (11/23/2014)
My Form I-485 Application Is Pending, What Are the Risks for My Job Change? (11/22/2014)
The Reference Letters or Recommendation Letters for EB1 or NIW Applications (11/02/2014)
Can I Use AC-21 Rule to Change Employer before I-140 Approval? (11/012014)
What Are the Major Differences between the EB1 and EB2 NIW Immigration Categories? (10/20/2014)
When We Can Get Our A#, and What It Is Used for? (10/19/2014)
The H-1B Visa and L Visa are Nonimmigrant Visa with "Dual Intent" (10/05/2014)
In Which Countries Could I Satisfy the J1 Visa Two-Year Foreign Residence Requirement? (10/04/2014)
The O-1 Visa or P-1 Visa Application Options for Athletes (9/21/2014)
What Kind of Documents Do I Need to Prepare to Apply for the L1A Visa? (9/20/2014)
The Three Years of Experience in Teaching or Research for EB-1B Application (9/7/2014)
Does a Brief Business Trip to U.S. Will Make Me Ineligible for Another 6 Years of H-1B? (9/6/2014)
The Advantages of EB2 National Interest Waiver over EB-2 Based on PERM (8/24/2014)
Can I File EB-1A Petition before the J1 waiver Approval? (8/23/2014)
How Could My Wife Get Employment Authorization Document (EAD) to Work in U.S.? (8/10/204)
Are There Risks of Using H-1B Portability Rule to Change Employer? (8/9/2014)
What Are the Processes from the Labor Certification to Get My Green Card? (7/28/2014)
Differences between EB1-Extraordinary Ability and EB1-Outstanding Researcher or Professor (7/27/2014)
How to Effectively Organize the Evidence Accompanied with Form I-140 Petition (7/16/2014)
Having an O-1 Visa, How Could I Qualify for EB1 Extraordinary Ability Green Card? (7/15/2014)
The Green Card Application Process after the PERM Labor Certification Approval (7/7/2014)
Form I-140 Petition for J-1 Visa Holder Subjected to Two-Year Home Country Residency Requirement (7/6/2014)
What Is the Difference between the Request for Evidence and Notice of Intent to Deny? (6/22/2014)
The Consular Processing for an Immigrant Visa After Form I-140 Approval (6/21/2014)
What Is the Procedure of FBI Name Check? (6/8/2014)
Application Documents for P3 Visas - Culturally Unique Individual or Group (6/7/2014)
The Supervisor's Qualification for EB1 Multinational Executive or Manager Green Card (5/25/2014)
The Denial of H-1B Extension, and the Motion to Reopen or Reconsider the Case (5/24/2014)
O-1 Visa Application for an Costume Designer - Extraordinary Ability in the Arts (5/13/2014)
Can I Continue to Work for My L-1B Employer after My H-1B Status Approval? (5/12/2014)
Is There a 60-day Grace Period for H-1B Laid-off to Looking for a New Job? (4/30/2014)
Request For Evidence Notice for Form I-140 Immigrant Visa Application (4/29/2014)
Do I Have To Be Government Employee to File a U.S. Agency Requested J-1 Waiver? (4/18/2014)
O-1 Visa Application and the Advisory Opinion Requirement (4/17/2014)
The Cap-Gap Relief for F-1 Student before the H-1B status (4/9/2014)
The Organizational Chart for L-1A Visa Application and L-1A Visa Extension (4/8/2014)
The RFE and "Two-Step Approach" for EB1 - Extraordinary Ability Petition (4/1/2014)
Do I Have to Stay in the Same Field after EB-1A Green Card Approval? (3/31/2014)
What Is the Difference Between O-1 and Employment Related Nonimmigrant Status? (3/18/2014)
How Could I Reply the RFE Request for my NIW Application? (3/17/2014)
How Do I Get Employment Authorization for My Wife As Soon As Possible? (3/10/2014)
Can I Work for an Employer Other than the L-1 Visa Sponsor? (3/9/2014)
Reference Letter from Independent and Well-Recognized Expert for EB-1A Application (3/3/2014)
Qualified Employer for EB2 Outstanding Professors or Researchers Green Card (3/2/2014)
What Are the Requirements and Advantages for a P Visa? (2/23/2014)
How to Demonstrate the "Extraordinary Ability" in My O-1 Visa Application? (2/22/2014)
Maintaining the H-1B Nonimmigrant Status, Not Sitting on the EAD Status (2/18/2014)
Two Green Card Applications at the Same Time (2/17/2014)
L-1 Visa Application Procedure and Documents (1/18/2014)
The Really Meaning of a Request For Evidence Letter (1/17/2014)
How to Write Persuasive Reference Letters for NIW Application (1/12/2014)
The "Culturally Unique” Requirement for P-3 Visa Application (1/11/2014)
As an O-1 Visa Holder, Am I Eligible for EB1 Extraordinary Ability Green Card? (1/6/2014)
Three Basic Requirements for an EB-1 Extraordinary Ability Green Card Application (1/5/2014) 
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