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Year 2015 Questions & Answers
What Conditions Would Make an Alien Applicant Inadmissible on Medical Ground? (12/22/2015)
The Application of Reentry Permit to Avoid Abandoning the Green Card (12/21/2015)
Can I File a U.S. Green Card Application for Myself? (12/08/2015)
File PERM Labor Certification Late and the Rules for H-1B Extensions (12/07/2015)
The Heightened Legal Standards for EB1 Extraordinary Ability Petition (11/23/2015)
The J-1 Waiver Application on the Financial Hardship Ground (11/22/2015)
Draft Labor Certification Carefully to Avoid Problems at the Form I-140 Application (11/09/2015)
How to Use the DOL Wage Worksheet to Decide the Wage Level Properly? (11/08/2015)
How to Use the Dates of Filing Applications for Form I-485 Adjustment of Status? (10/27/2015)
USCIS Has Discontinued the Legacy E-Filing System (10/26/2017)
PERM Labor Certification Notice Posting for 10 Consecutive Business Days (09/21/2015)
The Dual Intent for H-1B Visa and L-1 Visa Application (09/20/2015)
How to Prove a Foreign Degree Deemed Equivalent to U.S. Bachelor’s Degree (09/08/2015)
How Could I Make Arguements for J-1 Waiver based on "Exceptional Hardship" (09/07/2015)
How Can I Meet the "Advanced Degree"Requirement for National Interest Waiver Petition? (8/25/2015)
USCIS Adjudicator's Wide Discretion in Adjudicating the EA-1A Petition (8/24/2015)
Employer's Ability to Pay for EB1 Multinational Executive or Manager Petition (8/11/2015)
Consular Processing - Another Primary Path to Green Card of United States (8/10/2015)
What Are the Qualification Requirements for O-1 Visa Application? (07/28/2015)
Three Year Experience in Research and Teaching Requirement for EB-1B Application (07/27/2015)
Do I Need a Consultation Letter for My O-1 Visa Application? (07/14/2015)
L1B Visa Worker's Specialized Knowledge and USCIS' Restrictions (07/13/2015)
EB1 Extraordinary Ability Request for Evidence (RFE) Question of Reviewing Journal Articles (06/29/2015)
Foreign Physician's Application of EB2 National National Interest for U.S. Permanent Residency (06/28/2015)
How to Reply RFE Request of "Wide Effect on Entire Field" for National Interest Waiver Petition? (06/14/2015)
Options for a Foreign Physician to Apply for U.S. Permanent Residence (06/13/2015)
How to Reply the NIW RFE Request for Ability to Serve U.S. National Interest? (5/31/2015)
Unauthorized Employment and Form I-485 Application for U.S. Green Card (5/30/2015)
How to Find a Medical Doctor for the Form I-485 Medical Examination? (5/18/2015)
The Difference Between the EB2 NIW and the EB1 Extraordinary Ability Application (5/17/2015)
What Should I Do for My O-1 Job Change in the United States? (4/27/2015)
Permanent Position for EB1 Outstanding Researcher or Professor and the Employment At Will (4/26/2015)
Can I File a Motion to Reopen or Motion to Reconsider after Form I-140 Denial? (4/11/2015)
Can I Apply for J-1 Waiver Based on Exceptional Hardship? (4/10/2015)
As a Laid Off H-1B Employee, Do I Have an Automatic 10-Day Grace Period? (3/30/2015)
Do I Need to Apply for L-1A Visa? What Are the Advantages to Have L-1A Visa? (3/29/2015)
Is the Interview for Form I-485 Application (Adjustment of Status) Required? (3/16/2015)
The Foreign Labor Certification iCERT Visa Portal System (3/15/2015)
How to Qualify the H-4 Spouse Requirement for Work Permit? (3/2/2015)
The Qualification Requirements of Employment Authorization (EAD) for H-4 Spouse (3/1/2015)
The L-1B Visa for Alien Workers with Specialized Knowledge (2/16/2015)
Changing Employer for Laid Off H-1B Employees With Advance Notice (2/15/2015)
What Documents Should Be Used for EB-1C Executive or Manager Petition? (2/1/2015)
The Advantages of O-1 Visa over H-1B Visa (1/31/2015)
Important Differences between Labor Certification and Employment Authorization Document (EAD) (1/18/2015)
Will the Job Change and New Job Title Affect My Pending Form I-485 Application? (1/17/2015)
What Is the Eligibility for Cap-Gap Extension of My F-1 Status? (01/03/2015)
After PERM Application Approval, How Long the I-140 Petition Process Will Take? (01/02/2015)
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