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Year 2007 Questions & Answers

What Factors May be Considered in Determining Whether a PhD Student Meets National Interest Standard? (12/30/2007)
May I Get the H-1B Cap Exempt Because I Am Actually Working for a University Research Center? (12/18/2007)
EB1 Green Card Application, But not the First Author for Most of Published Papers (12/05/2007)
About the Form I-140 and Form I-485 Processing and Adjudication Delay (11/29/2007)
The Permanent Job Position Requirement for Applications in the EB1 Outstanding Researcher Category (11/22/2007)
Is the Company Obliged to Get L1 Visa Holder a Return Air Ticket to the Home Country? (11/14/2007)
Is There any Way to Predict or Prevent a "Request for Additional Evidence" (RFE) from USCIS? (10/31/2007)
After My J1 Waiver Approval, Can I File I-140/I-485 First and H1B Later on? (10/25/2007)
To Eligible for L1, Your Must be Hired by a Foreign Company at Least One Year During Last Three Years (10/17/2007)
As an Applicant, Should I Draft the EB1 (EB1A or EB1B) and NIW Reference Letters by Myself? (10/3/2007)
I Forgot to Turn in My I-94 Card When I Left the U.S., What I Can Do Now? (9/26/2007)
The Biometrics Appointments at Local USCIS Office and the FBI fingerprint Check (9/20/2007)
Travel in F1 Student Visa in the OPT, with H-1B Status Approval (9/19/2007)
Be Careful Certain Words or Types of Language in the Reference Letters for EB1-Extraordinary Ability Application (9/6/2007)
The Corporate Changes by Merger or Acquisition with no "Successor-in-interest" Nature (8/28/2007)
How Can a Person Obtain U.S. Permanent Residence through Investment Immigration? (8/21/2007)
The Consular Process of USCIS approved H1B application (8/7/2007)
Are There Other People on L1 Visa Who Are Participating in 401K Plans (7/31/2007)
Does It Mean the I-485 Cases Like My Will be Approved Quickly Because of the Available Immigration Visas? (7/25/2007)
If I Go Home for the J1 Visa 2-year Residency, Can I Apply for a J1 Visa Again? (7/17/2007)
What Should I Know Before I Apply for the Exceptional Hardship J1 Waiver? (7/3/2007)
I Am not Sure I Should File an Appeal to AAO, or I Should Refile I-140 Application (6/25/2007)
I-485 Application under 245(k) If the Unauthorized Employment Did not Last 180 Days (6/19/2007)
I Am Afraid that the Free Trade Officer or the USCIS Service Center May Deny My TN-1 Extension (6/6/2007)
The Priority Date Is not Transferable Between the Spouses (5/30/2007)
Does the Requirement of NIW Become more Difficult These Days? (5/23/2007)
What Should I Do for the NIW Request for Evidence Notice with Incorrect Last Name? (5/15/2007)
If My NIW I-140 is Denied, Will that Prevent Me from Applying in the Future? (5/1/2007)
Filing EB1-Outstanding Researcher Petition, and Use Priority Date of the Labor Certification (4/24/2007)
Will My Citation Records Weaken the Importance of My Publications and My EB1 Application (4/17/2007)
New I-129 / I-539 Filing Address at CSC or VSC for Direct Filing Procedure Effective on April 2, 2007 (4/3/2007)
How Is the Prevailing Wage Determined for the H1B Labor Certification Application (LCA)? (3/28/2007)
The Employment Letter for RFE (Request For Evidence) of EB1-EA Petition (3/21/2007)
Combining Education and Experience for H-1B Approval and I-485 Permanent Residency (3/13/2007)
How Many Years Tax Return Are Required for I-864 Affidavit Support? (3/6/2007)
Can I Ask My Employer to Sponsor My Green Card Application When I Am in L-2 Status? (2/27/2007)
Fingerprinting Is a Mandatory Requirement for I-485 Applicants between the Age of 14 to 78 (2/17/2007)
The Following-to-join Benefit for a Permanent Resident's Spouse (2/6/2007)
Termination of Concurrent I-140 and I-485 Filing, and Fee Increase for Premium Processing Service (1/30/2007)
What I Need to Know before I Ask the USCIS to Recapture my H-1B Time? (1/17/2007)
What Is the Requirement to Get H-1B One-year or Three-year Increment Extension? (1/10/2007)
What Can I Do to Avoid the Out of Status after the End of My Optional Practical Training? (1/3/2007)
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