The Permanent Job Position Requirement for
Applications in the EB1 Outstanding Researcher Category

Dr. William:

I have been working at a university as a research associate for about 3 years, on the base of research grant money received yearly. I have about 10 published paper in good academic journals. I want to apply for Green Card in the EB1 outstanding researcher category, but worry about its requirement of  the “permanent” job position. Do you have any suggestion?


For a research position that is based on grant money received yearly, it usually means that the researcher is employed on yearly contract. The USCIS says that if the employer petitioning for the alien shows the intention to continue to get funding and gives a reasonable expectation that funding will continue, then the employment may be considered “permanent.”

So, if you can provide the evidence that your research job will be continued beyond the term and the funding grants are normally renewed, then your job can be considered as a permanent job, and you can apply for Green Card in the EB1 outstanding researcher category.








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