What Factors May be Considered in Determining
 Whether a PhD Student Meets the National Interest Standard?

Dr. William:

I am a PhD student with F1 visa in the 4th year, I have 4 paper published and 3 conference papers. My research is partially sponsored by NASA. What major factors may be considered in determining whether an PhD student meets the U.S. National Interest standard?


Typically, for a PhD student to successful applying for Green Card in the EB2 NIW category, you should present your case to establish yourself as having unique and exceptional skill, which sets you apart from your professional peers. Documents stating that you simply possess a certain level of competence will not be sufficient to receive a National Interest Waiver approval. Rather, a proficiency that is greater than mere competence is expected for you to get a National Interest Waiver approval.

Further, it must be clearly demonstrated that your past record substantiates projections of your future benefits to the U.S. national interest. Recommendation Letters testifying your unique skill, experience, knowledge, or expertise will be examined by the USCIS, and the credentials of the individuals who write such letters for you will be reviewed to determine whether they are qualified to make such evaluations. 








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