What Should I Know Before I Apply for the Exceptional Hardship J1 Waiver?

Dr. William:

I am in J-1 visa program within my 4th year, with the 2-year home country service requirement. My wife is a US citizen and we have a 1-year son. I want to apply for exceptional hardship J1 waiver, because it is very difficult for me to get No-objection waiver letter from my government, and it is also difficult for me to get IGA waiver from a US government agency, because there is some financial support involved in my J1 program and project. What should I know before I apply for the exceptional hardship J1 waiver?


To apply for exceptional hardship J1 waiver, you need to prove that if returning to your home country would impose “exceptional hardship” on you, your spouse who must be a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident, or your child.

You may be eligible for a hardship waiver, if you can provide evidence in following situations: your immediate family would be forced to separate as a result of the home residency requirement; you have to return to a war-torn country, or your  family member may suffer from a disease for which treatment is not available in the home country.







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