Is the Company Obliged to
Get L1 Visa Holder a Return Air Ticket to the Home Country?

Dr. William:

If a L1 visa holder gets fired, is the company obliged to get him/her a return air ticket to the home country? Is it one of the requirement of the L1 visa that the employee will return to the home country after end of required work period?


The L1 visa holder's employer does not have the responsibility to pay for returning air ticket to the L1 employee's home country after end of required work for the fired L1 employee. 

Because L1 employees technically do not constitute new hires that could displace U.S. workers. Rather, a L1 employee is being transferred temporarily within the company to add value or provide expertise based on their international experience with the company. So, the L1 employer does not have to meet some requirements and obligations required for the H-1B employers by the U.S. Labor Department. 








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