As an Applicant, Should I Draft
the EB1 (EB1A or EB1B) and NIW Reference Letters by Myself?

Dr. William:

I am planning to to file EB1 (EB1-Extraordinary Ability or EB1-Outstanding Researcher / Professor) and NIW applications within 3 months, and I am thinking to ask my employer and university advisors/professors to write the reference letters for me. I want to get about 6 reference letters from experts in my field, but I am not sure if I should draft the letters by myself, or just ask them to write them for me directly?  


For obtaining the reference letters for EB1 and NIW petitions, the worst thing is to obtain several reference letters which are all look same and may have the same repeated grammatical errors, if you draft these letters by myself at all.

In that case, the USCIS examiners will believe that these letters were actually prepared by the applicant, rather than by the actual referrers. Rather, it is suggested to begin with a draft reference letter, and then discuss it with your referrers by giving them general instructions. Three strong reference letters are better than 10 average letters.







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