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Year 2009 Questions & Answers

How about File a Motion to Challenge the H-1B Application Denial? (12/19/2009)
As a Tourist with B-2 Visa, Can I File Green Cad I-140 Application in United States? (12/9/2009)
The Permanent Position for EB1-OR Petition and the Employment "At Will" (12/1/2009)
New Job Can be Similar but Differ in Some Respects for AC-21 Job Changing (11/18/2009)
What Is the Definition of "Outstanding" for EB1-OR Application? (11/6/2009)
Apply for L-1A Visa or H-1B Visa? and What Are the Advantages to Have L-1A Visa? (10/28/2009)
Can I File Another I-140 Petition during an NIW Appeal Pending Period? (10/20/2009)
What Are the Major Advantages of O-1 Visa over H-1B Visa? (10/9/2009)
After My NIW-Based Green Card Approval, Can I Apply for a Non-Restricted SSN (10/01/2009)
What Are the USCIS' Restrictions for L1B Workers for the "Specialized Knowledge"? (9/22/2009)
What Is the A Number? and What Is the Difference between A Number and SSN? (9/11/2009)
Can I Apply for O-1 Visa? and What Are the Qualification Requirements? (9/1/2009)
Can I Tie This NIW Based I-140 Petition to My Previously Filed I-485 Application? (8/22/2009)
Are There Any Advantages of L-1 Visa over E-2 Visa? (8/12/2009)
How to Summarize the Reference Experts' Qualification in My I-140 Petition Cover Letter? (8/1/2009)
Is It Safe for Me to Go Back to My Home Country When the I-140 NIW Application Is Pending? (7/22/2009)
H-1B Visa Application in Consular Processing at Alien's Home Country (7/11/2009)
Does My Sponsoring Employer Has to Withdraw My I-140 or Inform USCIS? (7/1/2009)
The Difference between the EB2 NIW and the EB1 Extraordinary Ability Application (6/25/2009)
Can I Use My PhD Time Counting towards the Three Year Experience for EB1-OR Application? (6/13/2009)
The SEVIS Collects Current Student and Visiting Scholar Information (5/18/2009)
Should I Use AP to Travel to My Home Country while My I-485 Is Pending? (5/11/2009)
Does It Weaken My EB1-OR Case If My Employer Is a Small Start-up Company? (4/29/2009)
Does My Sponsoring Employer Have to Withdraw My I-140 or Inform the USCIS? (4/20/2009)
The Cap-Gap Relief Needs H-1B Filing for F-1 Student in the OPT (4/9/2009)
What is Foreign Labor Certification iCERT Visa Portal System? (3/30/2009)
Does USCIS Require that an Educational Degree be Submitted with the H-1B Petition at the Time of Filing? (3/23/2009)
As a F-1 Student, Will my OPT Time be Extended after Filing H-1B petition? (3/12/2009)
There Is a Gap between My Approved EAD and the My New Employment (3/2/2009)
Foreign Physicians Applying for Green Card in National Interest Waiver or Labor Certification (2/17/2009)
After J-1 Waiver Approval, what are Options for a Foreign Physician to Apply for U.S. Permanent Residence? (2/9/2009)
EB1 Request for Evidence Question of Judging the Work of Others (2/1/2009)
Can I Begin to Search for New Job, or Change Employer if Possible? (1/21/2009)
How to Keep My Green Card Status While Working in My Home Country? (1/14/2009)
What are the major difference between EB1-Extraordinaey Ability and EB1-Outstanding Researcher? (1/4/2009)
Home >> William's Answers for Immigration and Visa Application Questions
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