To Keep The Labor Certification, You Should Not Change Your Job

Dr. William:

I am working for company A on H1b. They have filed my labor certification, and it is approved. But that company is facing some financial problems and hoping to come out of the problems after some time.

In the mean time, I have an offer of an employment from a relatively small but financially strong company B. Now my question is what options I have, to make use of the approved labor certification in my name, because it took almost 2 years to get approved, and also work for a more stable company? Thanks in advance for your advise.


The approved Labor Certification belongs to your current employer, not you, even your name is on it. This approved Labor Certification is NOT transferable to another employer. If you change job now, you simply lose the approved Labor Certification. To keep the Labor Certification, you should not change your job.









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