Can I Qualify for One of the New 20,000 H1B Visa Exemptions?

Dr. William:

I have a Master Degree from a very good foreign University, and I have an equivalent evaluation stating that my degree is equivalent to a U.S. Master degree. 

Can I qualify for one of the new 20,000 H1B visa exemptions? or is there a way that I can ask USCIS for a special consideration for my degree? Does the employer have to show that the master degree is required for the job in order to request one of the 20,000 H1B exemptions?


The new exemption of 20,000 H1B visa are available to anyone with a U.S. Master Degree or above. The employer does not have to show the master degree, and there is no need to show that the job requires a Master Degree in order to qualify for one of the 20,000 H1B visa exemptions. 

Here, a U.S. Master Degree or above is required, and a foreign equivalent degree can not be applied, no matter how prestigious the foreign school is.







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