There any Chance for U.S. Department 
of State to Reinstate the Visa Revalidation Program? 

Dr. William:

I entered the U.S. with a H1B visa to work for an U.S. company as an engineer. Now, I need to extend the H1B visa in my passport for travel purpose. 

Do you know is there any chance for U.S. Department of State to reinstate the Visa Revalidation Program, or I have to take a long trip to extend the visa in my passport? 


The decision of termination of the Visa Revalidation Program was made by considering capture of the biometric identifier at the visa posts in the visa applications and certain security clearance processes

Currently, the U.S. Department of State will not reinstate the Visa Revalidation Program. Thus, enormous hardship had imposed on a huge number of the foreign workers including scientists and engineers to take an international trip just to extend the visa in their passports.








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