May I Submit a New EB1-OR Application to the CSC Service Center

Dr. William:

I replied the Request For Evidence for my EB1-OR about two months ago, by using your company's EB1-OR RFE package. While the CSC's final decision is pending, may I submit a new EB1-OR application to the CSC service center, just in case if they deny my first application after the RFE?


According to USCIS' policy, if an application for an immigration benefit is re-filed while a decision is pending, the USCIS will not process the new application until a final decision is made. 

If the new application is filed for the same applicant or beneficiary, but is different from the one on pending, the USCIS will evaluate whether the two are sufficiently different to warrant the processing of the new application. If they do not find the new application sufficiently different from the first, they will not process it until the process is complete on the original application.







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