What Are The Options For J1 Waiver? 

Dr. William:

I am a J-1 visa holder, and want to apply for J1 waiver. Can I apply it by myself? Also, what are the options for J1 waiver? 


Generally, a waiver may be obtained through one of the following channels:

  • A "No-Objection" Letter process;
  • An Interested Government Agency Waiver;
  • A Waiver application based on hardship or persecution; and
  • Health Agency Request.

If you are eligible, you can do self-petition for either an "Asylum" waiver or a "Hardship" waiver. A "No Objection" Letter Waiver request should be made by your home country or country of last permanent residence. Additionally, an IGA Waiver request should be made on your behalf by an interested government agency.  








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