How Can A Ph.D. Student Apply For Green Card?

Dr. William:

I am studying in a College of Medicine. I am a Ph.D. (F1) student currently and working on scientific research. But I have no
any idea about how I can get a green card quickly. So please give me some information when you get time. I am looking forward to it. Thank you very much.


For a Ph.D student without a permanent job offer, the possible and quick ways to get Green Card is to apply the categories of EB1-EA or NIW. EB-1 EA is for a person having extraordinary ability in his/her research field, having some published papers and strong reference letters to prove the applicant's achievements and academic contributions. The applicant should have enough evidences to prove his/her “Extraordinary Ability”.

If your current work has some relation with US Government or federal agency, or your current project has something related with USA “National Interest ”, you can apply for Green Card in NIW category. Please see our web site for more information and qualifications.








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