EB1-EA And EB1-OR Petitions At Different USCIS Service Centers

Dr. William:

I plan to submit I-140 of EB1-EA to Vermont Service Center where I am now. However, in several months, I will move to a state belonging to Texas Service Center. Can I submit another I-140 of EB1-OR to Texas Service Center after I move?


You can submit I-140 petition of EB1-EA to VSC now. After you address changed, you should send a letter to let VSC know your new address, and keep the return receipt for address changing. After your moving, you can submit another I-140 petition of EB1-OR to TSC. You can do this before or after knowing the result from VSC. In the I-140 form, there is a question "Has an immigration visa petition been filed by this person"? This question refers to your previous I-140 petition. You must answer this question and reference your pending petition of EB1-EA at VSC. 

For the I-485 adjustment, you must file with the USCIS Center which covers the place where you live currently, in your case, it will be TSC. If the 1st I-140 in VSC is approved but the 2nd I-140 in TSC is denied, you should file I-485 at TSC, with the I-140 approval notice from VSC.







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