NIW Qualifications For A Person With A Master And Three Years Experience

Dr. William:

I have a Master in Computer Science from a US university, and three years work experience. I am currently working for a state government agency through a consulting company, which is my employer. 

Do you think I can apply for I-140 based on National Interest Waiver?


It is possible for you with a masters degree and working for a state government agency, to apply for I-140 based on National Interest Waiver. 

Whether or not the NIW case will be approved by the USCIS will depend on your qualifications, current projects, and your contributions, It also depends your ability to convince the USCIS that you are truly superior to others, who are similarly situated and that the work will fully benefit the United States as a whole and the national interest. To see if you may qualify, please see the related information in our web site.







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