Can We Apply Green Card Separately
So that if One of Us Gets Denied, We Can Rely on Other Person? 

Dr. William:

I work in an university as a research scientist and would like to apply for Green Card. I am on H-1 visa and I have one master's degree from US. My husband works in a company as an engineer, and he has a PhD degree. My question to you was can both of us apply separately, so that if one of us gets denied, we can rely on other person? 


Both of you can apply for Green Card separately by LC from your employer, or through EB1-EA/EB1-OR, or NIW as described in our web site. This can increase your chance of approval. If one of your I-140 petitions get approved, then you can continue for I-485 petition and add the other personís name in the I-485 petition at that time.  







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