Applying For EB1-EA Or EB1-OR

Dr. William:

I have read your web site very carefully about the EB1-EA and EB1-OR, it is very helpful. Now I believe that I may qualify for EB1-EA, because of my PhD, professional memberships, and a lot of publications. 

Also, it looks like that EB1-OR is more easier to get approved than EB1-EA, but it requires a permanent employment position. Do you think I should apply for EB1-EA now, or wait for a while to apply for EB1-OR after I get a permanent employment position?


If you believe that you may qualify for EB1-EA, you should apply for it now. After you get a permanent employment position, and your EB1-EA is still pending, you can apply for EB1-OR at that time, because you can apply for different immigration categories at the same time.








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