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William's Answers for H-1B Visa or Status Related Questions 

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How to Register the H1B Cap Filing and H1B Visa Application?
Can I Use the Current I-140 Approval to File an H1B with a New Employer?
The Application of Prevailing Wage Determination for PERM and H-1B Programs
What Are the New Rules for the Third-Party Worksite Requirements of H1-B Workers?
My Employer Will Apply for H-1B visa for Me, How Is the Prevailing Wages Determined?
How to Maximize the Chances of Receiving H1B Petition Approvals for IT Consultants?
How to Maintain My H-1B Status after the Corporate Changes?
How to File the  Labor Condition Application for H1B by Using the FLAG System?
How to File Labor Condition Application (LCA) before Filing H-1B Application?
Do I Need to Also Extended My Wife and Son's H-4 Status?
Does an Increase in Salary Need H1B Amendment and LCA to Be Filed?
Do I Need to File an Amended H-1B Petition? 
The H-1B Amendment For Employment Relocation
Can I Apply for 24-Month Optional Practical Training (OPT) as a MBA Student?
As a H-4 Visa Holder, Can I Apply for Employment Authorization Document (EAD)?
Can I Change My Nonimmigrant Status to O-1 After Green Card Application
Can I Change to Other Visa Type After Being Laid Off
Do I Have Go back to My Home Country to Get the H-1B Visa Stamping?
If I Am Laid off by My H-1B Employer, Can I Change Employer?
Establishing a Qualifying Employer-Employee Relationship for H-1B Application
President Trump's Executive Order to Control the Hiring of H-1B Workers
USCIS Policy Change for Some Computer Programmers to Apply for H1B Status
USCIS Will Temporarily Suspend Premium Processing for all H-1B Petitions
President Trump's Immigration Executive Orders and H1B Program
What Should Consider When Evaluating the H-1B Employer-Employee Relationship?
It Is Necessary to Maintain H-4 Status for H-1B Spouse
The H-1B Requirement of Employer-Employee Relationship
New Fees for H-1B Status and L-1 Visa/Status Petition
File PERM Labor Certification Late and the Rules for H-1B Extensions
How to Use the DOL Wage Worksheet to Decide the Wage Level Properly?
The Dual Intent for H-1B Visa and L-1 Visa Application
As a Laid Off H-1B Employee, Do I Have an Automatic 10-Day Grace Period?
How to Qualify the H-4 Spouse Requirement for Work Permit?
The Qualification Requirements of Employment Authorization (EAD) for H-4 Spouse
Changing Employer for Laid Off H-1B Employees With Advance Notice
What Is the Eligibility for Cap-Gap Extension of My F-1 Status?
Why Would the USCIS Conduct a Site Visit for Alien Workers in H-1B, L-1, or O-1 Status?
The H-1B Visa and L Visa are Nonimmigrant Visa with "Dual Intent"
The Denial of H-1B Extension, and the Motion to Reopen or Reconsider the Case
Can I Continue to Work for My L-1B Employer after My H-1B Status Approval?
Is There a 60-day Grace Period for H-1B Laid-off to Looking for a New Job?
How to File Form I-290B to Appeal or Reopen the Denied H-1B Application?
Do I have to File a H-1B Visa Transfer Application with My New Employer?
H-1B Visa Application - Submission of False Experience Documents
How to Apply for H-1B Status Transfer to Another Employer
How to Change Back to H-1B Status Without Subject to H-1B Cap
If I Am Being Laid Off, Can I Apply for Some Other Status?
What Happens If I Find Another H-1B Visa Sponsoring Employer in the Meantime?
Do I Qualify for a Cap-Gap Extension of My Current F-1 Status?
The Automatic Status Extension and Employment after a H-1B Petition for F-1 Student
H-1B Employee's Relocation - Do I Need to File a New Labor Condition Application?
Can I Use My Experience with Current Employer to Apply for the PERM Labor Certification?
Could My Situation Qualify for the H-1B Requirement of "Employer-Employee Relationship"?
Do You Think My New Employer Should File an Amended H-1B Petition to USCIS?
What Is the 221(g) Refusal? and What Can I Do to Get the H-1B Visa Approval?
W2 Form Does not Match with LCA, Is This a Problem for My H-1B Status Renew or DOL?
Retrieving the unused Optional Practical Training (OPT) For F-1 Students
H-1B Fees for U.S. Worker Training and Fraud Prevention
How to Understand and Fill the Part 6 of the Form I-129 for H-1B, L-1, O-1 Visa Application?
Does This Means that She Failed to Maintain Her H-4 Status in U.S.?
The "Cap-Gap" Relief for a F-1 Student Changing to H-1B Status
To Keep My Legal Status in U.S. Am I Eligible for the "Cap-Gap Relief"?
Is It Possible to Transfer from L-1 Visa to H-1B Visa Without Waiting
Do I Have Legal Basis to Work in U.S. If My Employer Reopens the H-1B Case?
Does a Brief Business Trip to U.S. Will Make Me Ineligible for Another 6 Years of H-1B
The Risks to Use the H1B Portability to Change Employer
I Want an H-1B Because of the Green Card, and My L-1 Employer Won't Sponsor Me
How about File a Motion to Challenge the H-1B Application Denial?
Does My Sponsoring Employer Have to Withdraw My I-140 or Inform the USCIS?
The Cap-Gap Relief Needs H-1B Filing for F-1 Student in the OPT
What is Foreign Labor Certification iCERT Visa Portal System?
Does USCIS Require that an Degree be Submitted with H-1B Petition at the Time of Filing?
As a F-1 Student, Will my OPT Time be Extended after Filing H-1B petition?
Can I Get H-1B Additional Extensions in One-year Increments Because of the I-140 Pending
If I Use My EAD While Employed on an H-1B, Does My H-1B Become Invalid
Does the 7th Year H1B Extension Has to Be With the Same Employer?
Can I Leave My Current Employer and Transfer My H-1B to Another Employer
Is It Possible to Take a Contract Job as the OPT or Self-employed?
May I Change My Visa from H1 to L1, So I Can Work for This Company?
Can I Leave My Current Job to Take Another Good Job Offer Using the AC-21 Portability?
As a Previous H-1B Visa Holder, Do You Think I Can Get I-140 Approval as EB1 Manager?
Can I File the H-1B 7th-year Extension before I Reach 365 Days of Labor Certification?
It Is Important to Maintain H-1B Status rather than Using EAD
May I Get the H-1B Cap Exempt Because I Am Actually Working for a University Research Center?
After My J1 Waiver Approval, Can I File I-140/I-485 First and H1B Later on?
Travel in F1 Student Visa in the OPT, with H-1B Status Approval
The Consular Process of USCIS approved H1B application
How Is the Prevailing Wage Determined for the H1B Labor Certification Application (LCA)?
Combining Education and Experience for H-1B Approval and I-485 Permanent Residency
What I Need to Know before I Ask the USCIS to Recapture my H-1B Time?
What Is the Requirement to Get H-1B One-year or Three-year Increment Extension?
What Can I Do to Avoid the Out of Status after the End of My Optional Practical Training?
H-4 is an Nonimmigrant Status with the Restriction of No Employment Permit
File the H-1B Visa Application under the Advanced-Degree Cap
Can I Change My Status to H-1B as a L-1B Visa Holder?
If I Lose My Current Job, Can I Transfer my H-1B Status to Another Employer?
Do I have the Status Problem after the J1 Visa Expiration and Before the H-1B Approval?
Do I Have to Renew My H-1B Visa at an American Consulate in My Home Country or in Other Country?
Is It True that I Can Get Another Six Years in H-1B Status after Leaving U.S. for One Year?
Can I Go the Canada or Mexico to Get the F-1 Visa Quickly at a Consular Post
With a H-4 Visa, May I File I-140 Application as a Registered Nurse?
If the USCIS Denies My F-1 or H-1B Application, What Could I Do?
What is the Specific Law Interpretation for the Extended H-1B Visa after the Possible I-485 Denial?
The Second H-1B Application Will Not Be Counted Towards the Yearly H-1B Cap
Is There any Chance for U.S. Department of State to Reinstate the Visa Revalidation Program?
Can I Qualify for One of the New 20,000 H1B Visa Exemptions?
Is It True that the Salary Must be More than $60,000 to Qualify for the New H1B Program?
Traveling Outside U.S. with the Advance Parole
Is It Possible for Me to Change to O-1 status, When There is no H-1B Number Available? 
The Categories Exempted from the H-1B Quota
A Visa Issuance Does not Guarantee the Entry to U.S.
The Termination of Visa Revalidation Program and the H1B Status Extension
When is the Appropriate Time to File the H-1B 7th Year Extension?
Maintaining the H-1B Nonimmigrant Status Rather Than Sitting on the EAD Status
What Happens to My H-1B Status After the Job Termination
The USCIS Can Forgive the Failure to Maintain Status in Certain Circumstances
What Are the Major Differences Between the H-1B Visa and the L-1 Visa?
An Employee of a College Affiliate is Exempted from the H1-B Cap
How Could I Bring My Wife to USA and Join My Current Green Card Application? 
I Want to Know If I am Subject to the Yearly H1-B Visa Cap?
Do I Need To File A H-1B Amendment For My Employment Relocation?
What Is My Priority Date To Qualify The 7-year H1B Extension?
Can I Work For This Company Without The Green Card?
Should I Apply For A H-1B Visa While I-140 Pending?
I Got "Request for Additional Evidence" Notice From INS, But My H-1B Will Expire
Am I Qualify For 7th-year Extension Of H-1B?
What Is The Best Situation For Me If My H-1B Expires While I-485 Pending?
I Want To Know If I Can Legally Remain In US After My H-1B Expires
What Is The Procedure For Me To Get Green Card And Continue To Work In U.S.?
The Differences Between H-1B Visa From Other Non-immigrant Visas
H-1B Status After The Company Merging Into Another Company
May I Leave U.S. For A Short Time After Filing A H-1B Petition
The 7th Year Extension Of H-1B For Labor Certification Applicants
Substitution Of Labor Certification Approval 
Am I Eligible For Applying of 7th Year H-1B Extension, Due To My I-140 Pending?
The USCIS Policy For Laid-off H-1B Holder To File H-1B Extension With Change Of Employer Petitions
The Wage Requirements For H-1B Petition
The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Applying For New H-1B Or Using EAD?
H-1B Visa Application In Consular Processing At Your Home Country
If I Apply for EAD For A New Job, Can I Still Keep My H-1B Status?
Legally Stay And Work In US After 6 Years Of H-1B Time Limit
H-1B Lay-Offs And Grace Period
My I-129 Petition For H-1B Visa Approval
Requesting The Prevailing Wage Evaluation for H-1B Visa 
Premium Processing Service For H-1B
Extensions Of Stay Beyond The 6-Year Maximum Period of H-1B
Do I Need To Send An Amended H1- B Petition To INS After The Company Merge?
Change F-2 visa to H-1B Visa
Applying For H-1B Extension According To AC-21




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