Can I Change My Status to H-1B as a L-1B Visa Holder?

Dr. William:

I have a L-1B visa for more than 3 years. Now, an U.S. employer wants to hire me and apply the H-1B visa for me. Can I change my status to H-1B as a L-1B visa holder? If the answer is Yes, when is the good time for me to change to H-1B visa?


As a L-1B visa holder, you can change your status to H-1B if an U.S. employer wants to hire you. To change your current L-1B visa to H-1B safely, you may need to work for the current employer until the USCIS approved start date of the H-1B status from the new employer. In this way, the approved H-1B status will supersede your previous L-1B status safely, without any possible problem of loss of status.







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