Can I Work For This Company Without The Green Card?

Dr. William:

I am an international student, and currently in a MBA program. I am going to graduate soon and I will get a chance to work for a financial corporation.

After second interview, they asked me about my working status. They said due to the nature and secure of the industry, they can not hire anyone with only a visa, which means that they can not hire me even they want to sponsor me with H-1B visa. They said they can only hire people at least with Green Card. 

Therefore, they asked me to find out if there is any way that I can have a Green Card as soon as I can. I know that we can ask a company to sponsor us to apply Green Card. Can I start to work once the process start? or do I have to wait until I receive the Green Card?


According to your information, it looks like that you can not work for this company now. You need to find a company which wants to hire a person with student visa and sponsor your H1 application and Green Card petition. The company you mentioned can not do all these for you, they only want to hire people with the Green Card.

What you need to find a company which can hire you without the Green Card, then you can start your Green Card application process from there.







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