What Is the Procedure for Me to Get Green Card And Continue to Work In U.S.?

Dr. William:

I have a question regarding a change of status and I was wondering if you can help me out. Currently I am on the H1-B status and possibly I am looking into applying for green card in near future. I have been on H-1B for 4 years right now. What is the procedure for me to get Green Card and continue to work in U.S.? Any kind of information will be helpful. Thank you.


If you apply for Green Card now through Labor Certification, or EB1-EA/EB1-OR/NIW as described in our web site, and get the I-140 form approved later, you can then apply for work permit and continue to work is U.S., even if your H1-B status is more than 6 years and your status is not adjusted.








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