A Visa Issuance Does not Guarantee the Entry to U.S.

Dr. William:

I am in H1B status for 2 years. My wife just obtained a H4 visa in my home country, and plan to come to U.S. next month. I was told that the visa issuance does not guarantee the entry to U.S., is it true? please explain this. Thanks.


After your wife got a visa at a U.S. consulate in your home country, it is possible that she could be denied entry to U.S. at the airport, if there are some contradictory or discrepancy between statements made at the Consulate and the documents submitted at the port of entry.

The immigration inspecting officer at the airport has the right to deny a person into U.S., if the officer find any contradictory evidence. In that case, the inspector at the airport may return that person to his or her home country.







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