The Termination of Visa Revalidation Program and the H1B Status Extension

Dr. William:

Since the H1B visa revalidation program has been terminated in the U.S., does that mean I must leave the United States to get an H1B approval to extend my H1B status? or I must return to my home country to obtain a new visa stamp? please clarify this question, thanks.


Now, if you are a H1B visa holder or in H1B status, you can not get a new visa stamp on your passport within the U.S. But to extend your H1B status, you can get it approval and obtain a new I-94 card within the U.S. The H1B petition approval and the I-94 card determine your legal status in U.S.  

The visa stamp on the passport is a travel document. It is presented at the airport to get admission to the United States. 








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