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Complete Do-It-Yourself Package of
H-1B Visa Petition or H-1B Status Extension for Nonimmigrant Workers

To apply for H-1B visa or renew your H-1B visa, one way is that you can do-it-yourself for free by downloading Form I-129 and its instructions from USCIS website for your H-1B visa application, and follow the instructions to complete the form filling. The better way is that you can order our Complete Do-It-Yourself Package to help you going through the complicated process.

To help you apply for or renew your H-1B visa or status easily and quickly, we provide the high quality and case proved "Complete Do-It-Yourself Package for H-1B Visa/ Status Application", based on our extensive and practical employment visa experience.

As added value in the Complete Do-It-Yourself Package for H-1B Application, we provide comprehensive instructions on U.S. visa application requirements and processing, and we also let you know step-by-step H-1B application procedures, and how to obtain prevailing wage determination, how to receive a Labor Condition Application from Department of Labor, how to apply for H-1B status as a F-1 or J-1 student, and how to submit a complete H-1B petition to USCIS. We also provide sample cover letter, sample of filled forms, petition check list, prevailing wage request methods, detailed description of H-1B annual cap and its exemption, detailed sample case analysis, various questions and answers for H-1B application and beyond, and all required forms.

New immigrants can benefit from our added value to make the complicated application process much simpler and easier, at the same time meet the U.S. Government's rigorous requirements. Therefore, our Complete Do-It-Yourself Package for H-1B Visa Application is much more beneficial than the U.S. Government website's free service. 

If you apply for the H-1B visa or status by yourself, or if you have a lawyer to work for you, you will find our package to be very helpful. With the package, you get all the information you need and step-by-step knowledge of how to obtain your H-1B visa or status. The following is a list of the package contents.


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Order a Complete Do-It-Yourself Package for H-1B Visa/Status from us
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Part One: H-1B Petition Preparation and What You Need to Know about the H-1B Petition
1. The Most Important Aspects of H-1B Visa or Status Petition - Nonimmigrant Visa for Skilled Foreign Workers
2. Details of H-1B Visa Application Criteria, and How to Sponsor an H-1B Temporary Worker
3. Some Essential Issues and Practical Concerns for a Successful H-1B Petition
4. What Job Types Most Likely to Qualify for H-1B Visa, and How to Meet the H-1B Visa Requirements
Part Two: Employer's Consideration, H-1B Requirements, and H-1B Part-Time Job
1. How Employers Can Hire an H-1B Worker Who Is already in the U.S., or Who Is not in the U.S.
2. Special Considerations for H-1B Job in a Specialty Occupation, and the Alien Worker's Education Requirements
3. Special Considerations of Why Employer Should Hire a H-1B Worker Before His/Her Green Card Sponsorship
4. Required Documents for Consultants Working at 3rd Party Client Sites, and How to Take Part-Time Job
Part Three: Extension beyond 6-years, and H-4 Dependent Status
1. How to File H-1B Extension beyond 6-year Limit, and the Practical Strategies to File 3-Year H-1B Extension
2. How to Apply for an Extension of Your H-1B Visa, and What to Include in the Extension Application
3. How to Obtain H-4 Visa for Family Members, and the Common Mistakes and Consequences for H-4 Out of Status
4. The Important Guidance and Concerns for H-4 Spouses Changing to H-1B Status
Part Four: H-1B Cap, Cap Exempt Employers, and H-1B Petition Strategies under Limited Cap
1. Differences between H-1B Regular Cap and Advance Degree Cap, and What is the H-1B Determination Process
2. The 4 Types of H-1B Cap Exempt Employers, and How to Determine an Employer's Cap Exempt Status
3. The Strategies of How to Effectively Plan and Apply for H-1B Status under the Limited H-1B Cap
4. What Are Your Strategies and Alternative Visas When the H-1B Cap Is Reached
Part Five: Premium Process Service for H-1B Petition, and the H-1B Portability under AC-21 Act
1. Understand the Benefits of Filing a Premium Process Service to Speed Your H-1B Petition Processing
2. How to File a Premium Process Service to Accelerate Your H-1B Petition Processing 
3. The Importance of H-1B Portability for H-1B Holders to Change Job Under the AC-21 Act
Part Six: Prevailing Wage Determination, Labor Condition Application, and Steps-By-Step Instruction
1. Special Considerations for Prevailing Wage Determination of Labor Condition Application
2. Detailed Description of Required Documents from Employer and Alien Employee for a H-1B Petition
3. Step-By-Step Instructions of Obtaining Prevailing Wage, Filing Labor Condition Application, and Filing Form I-129
4. H-1B Petition Step 1: How to Obtain Prevailing Wage Determination
5. H-1B Petition Step 2: How to Applying for Labor Condition Application (LCA) Using Form ETA 9035
6. H-1B Petition Step 3: How to File Form I-129 to a USCIS Service Center
7. H-1B Petition Step 4: How to Make Sure to File Your H-1B Petition Properly
8. Sample of Filled Form ETA 9141 - Application for Prevailing Wage Determination
9. How to Create and Submit ETA Form 9141 at flag.dol.gov
Part Seven: Instructions of Fees and Forms, and Samples of Filled Form for H-1B Petition or Extension
1. Detailed Instructions of Required H-1B Base Filing Fee, Additional Fee, and Fraud Prevention Fee
2. How to Fill and Organize H-1B Petition Forms and Documents to Avoid Major Errors of Rejection or Denial
3. Sample of Petition Cover Letter to File a H-1B Petition to a USCIS Service Center
4. Sample of Filled USCIS Form I-129 - Petition for a H-1B Nonimmigrant Worker
5. Sample of Filled USCIS Form I-129 Petition, for H-1B Status Extension or Renewal
6. Sample of Filled H Classification Supplement to Form I-129
7. Sample of Filled H-1B Data Collection and Filling Fee Exception Supplement
8. Sample of Filled Form I-539 - Application to Extend/Change Nonimmigrant Status
9. Sample of Filled Form I-539A - Supplemental Information for Application to Extend/Change Nonimmigrant Status
10. Sample of Filled Form I-907 - Request for Premium Processing Services
11. A Complete Checklist to File Your H-1B Petition to a USCIS Service Center
12. How to Assemble Your Application Documents in a Nicely Package for Immigration Officer to Easily Locate the Evidence
Part Eight: A Complete Summary of Various Questions and Answers for H-1B Petition and Beyond
1. Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for H-1B Petition, H-1B Cap, Job Change, and H-1B Transfer
2. Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for Premium Process Service of H-1B Petition
3. Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for F-1 Students Filing H-1B, Cap Gap, OPT, and STEM Degrees
4. Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for H-1B Layoff, Job Termination, New Job, and Status Change
Part Nine: Get Lessons from Others: H-1B Petition Related Case Studies and Detailed Analysis
1. How to Meet the Requirement of Specialty Occupation to Avoid the H-1B Rejection or Request For Evidence  (RFE)
2. Additional Specialty Occupation Qualifying Criteria  to Avoid the H-1B Rejection or Request For Evidence  (RFE)
3. Sample Case Analysis 1: a H-1B Petition Denied for an Alien Worker of Import/Export Manager
4. Sample Case Analysis 2: a H-1B Petition Denied for an Alien Worker of Consulting Programmer/Analyst
5. Sample Case Analysis 3: a H-1B Status Extension Petition by Recapturing the Time Spent out of U.S.
6. Sample Case Analysis 4: Approval of a H-4 Status Extension Petition after a Motion to Reopen or Reconsider
7. Sample Case Analysis 5: the H-1B Employer's Back Wage Liability and the Penalties for Employer
Part Ten: Various Important Issues for Alien Workers beyond the H-1B Petition
1. How Long It Takes to Get an H-1B Visa, and How to Check Your H-1B Visa Application Progress
2. The Most Common Reasons for Denial of an H-1B Visa Application, and How to Appeal the Denial
3. How to Apply for Visa Extension or Change of Status for Family Members by Using Form I-539
4. Change in Employment Status for H-1B, and How to Transfer an H-1B to a New Employer
5. The Consequences If You Quite H-1B Job, and the Consequences If You Lose H-1B Job
6. What You Can Do When Limited H-1B Numbers Is Not Available - 10 Alternative Visa Options
Part Eleven: Considerations for Green Card Application, Travel, and Possible Site Visit 
1. Guidance for H-1B Workers Traveling with Advance Parole, after Their Form I-485 Application
2. Detailed Procedures and Documents for H-1B Travel, Automatic Visa Revalidation, and H-1B Visa Stamping
3. How to Recapture a H-1B Worker's Overseas Trip Time, and the Required Appropriate Evidence
4. The Proven Strategy to Keep Your Legal Status in Economic Downtime - the Option of Part-Time H-1B
5. How to Prepare for a Site Visit by FDNS for Potential Fraud, and What Will Happen During the Site Visit?
Part Twelve: USCIS Forms and Documents For H-1B Petition 
1. Form ETA 9035: Labor Condition Application for H-1B Nonimmigrants
2. Form ETA 9035CP: Labor Condition Application Instruction
3. Form I-129: Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, H Supplement, and Data Collection Supplement
4. Form I-539: Application to Extend/Change Nonimmigrant Status
5. Form I-539A: Supplemental Information for Application to Extend/Change Nonimmigrant Status
6. Form I-907: Request for Premium Processing Services
7. Form ETA 9141: Application for Prevailing Wage Determination
8. Instructions for Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker
9. Instructions for Form I-539, Application to Extend/Change Nonimmigrant Status
10. Instructions for Form I-539A, Supplemental Information for Application to Extend/Change Nonimmigrant Status
11. Instructions for I-907, Request for Premium Processing Service
12. Instructions for ETA Form 9141 - Application for Prevailing Wage Determination
13. Form M-735: Optional Checklist for Form I-129 H-1B Filings
14. Form M-746: Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT) Codes
15. iCERT LCA Module Online System User Guide
16. iCERT Prevailing Wage Determination Quick Start Guide




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