What Are the Major Differences Between the H-1B Visa and the L-1 Visa?

Dr. William:

What are the major differences between the H-1B visa and the L-1 visa? is it possible for me to change from current H-1B visa to L-1 visa after reaching 6-year limit of H-1B visa? 


There are some major differences between the H-1B visa and the L-1 visa. The H-1B visa program allows U.S. employers to hire highly educated foreign professionals on a temporary basis who provide specialized or unique skills/expertise and relieve temporary U.S. worker shortages. 

In contrast, multinational employers use the L-1 visa to transfer to this country their own foreign national executives or managers or employees who possess specialized or advanced knowledge. To be eligible for L-1 visa, you must be hired by a multinational foreign company at least one year during the last three years.







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