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How to Meet the Requirement of EB-1C Petition Working for the Foreign Company (7/14/2024)
Paying the Listed Prevailing Wage on the Labor Certification  (7/13/2024)
The Supporting Documents for Form I-129 Application of P-1 Support Personnel (6/28/2024)
Can My Employer Harm My I-485 Application after Changing Job? (6/27/2024)
Can H-4 Dependent Spouse Obtain the Employment Authorization Document? (6/10/2024)
Can I Ask for a Waiver of Labor Consultation for My P-1B Visa Application? (6/9/2024)
Am I Subject to the Two-Year Home Country Physical Presence Requirement? (5/26/2024)
Help Me Understand the RFE of EB-1A Petition, and Let Me Know What I Should Do? (5/25/2024)
As a F-1 Student, When Should I Apply for the Optional Practical Training? (5/1/2024)
O-1 Visa Is Based on a Person’s Individual Qualifications (4/30/2024)
How to Determine the "Prevailing Wage" in a Labor Certification Application (4/13/2024)
What Are the Advantages to Have L-1A Visa? (4/12/2024)
Does the 2 Year Home-Country Service Requirement Apply to Me as a J-1 Vis Holder (3/25/2024)
O-1 Visa Is Based on a Person’s Individual Qualifications (3/24/2024)
Can F-1 Student Change the Non-Immigrant Intent and Apply for U.S. Green Card? (3/9/2024)
Do I Need to File an Amended H-1B Petition after the Job Relocation? (3/8/2024)
The Additional Evidence to Prove the Managerial Capacity for L1A Visa Application  (2/21/2024)
The Employer's Ability to Pay for EB-1C Green Card Application (2/20/2024)
The Changes to H-1B Registration and Lottery Process (2/4/2024)
The Final Merits Determination for USCIS to Evaluate an EB-1A Petition (2/3/2024)
As NIW Applicant in STEM field, How to Meet Second Prong Requirement in Matter of Dhanasar? (1/19/2024)
The Difference between O-1 Visa and EB1 Extraordinary Ability Application (1/18/2024)
My J-1 Status Expiration While Waiting for Form I-485 Green Card Application (1/3/2024)
Do I Have to Have a Foriegn Employer to Apply for EB-1C Green Card? (1/2/2024)
Year 2023 Questions & Answers
The Current H-1B Visa Selection Process for the Fiscal Year 2024 (12/19/2023)
The Matter of Dhanasar National Interest Waiver Decision for EB2 NIW Green Card Application  (12/18/2023)
International Travel During Cap Gap for Students between F-1 Program and New H-1B Job (12/1/2023)
Can I Self-Petition for U.S. Green Card while Outside the United States? (11/30/2023)
The H-1B Registration Changes Proposed by USCIS for H-1B Lottery Selection Process (11/12/2023)
Can I Change to a Similar Job but with Different SOC Code and Higher Wage? (11/11/2023)
Do I Need to Keep My Job with Employer During the Process of the Form I-485 Application? (10/28/2023)
How to Meet the EB2 NIW Requirements of the 3 Prongs for the Matter of Dhanasar Case? (10/27/2023)
As a J-1 Visitor, How to Apply for a Change of Status for O-1? (10/2/2023)
The Supporting Evidence for EB2 National Interest Waiver (EB2 NIW) Petition (9/24/2023)
F-1 Student's H-1B Petition and Qualification for 60 Day Grace Period (9/21/2023)
Do I Need to File an Amended Petition to USCIS Because of the Job Location Change?  (9/1/2023)
Eligibility Must be Established as of the Filing Date of the EB1 Petition  (8/6/2023)
Write Reference Letter for Green Card Application Purpose (7/28/2023)
Can an International Medical Graduate Apply for NIW Green Card after J1 Waiver? (7/8/2023)
O-1 Visa Is Based on a Person’s Individual Qualifications (7/7/2023)
The L-1  Petitions for Multiple Employees by the Same Employer (7/6/2023)
Can I Submit Multiple H-1B Cap Registrations? (6/14/2023)
The EB-1C Green Card Application for First-Line Supervisors (6/13/2023)
The 2024 H-1B Registration Application Fraud (5/13/2023)
What is the New Precedential National Interest Waiver Decision Released by AAO? (5/12/2023)
The Job Portability and Fingerprint for Form I-485 Applicant (5/1/2023)
The L-1  Petitions for Multiple Employees by the Same Employer (4/30/2023)
The Disadvantages of Long and Unpredictable Processing Time of Form I-485 Adjustment of Status (4/9/2023)
The L-1  Petitions for Multiple Employees by the Same Employer (4/8/2023)
The Grace Period for L1 Visa Holder After Employment Terminated  (03/18/2023)
My Current J1 Status Will Expire Soon, Can I Work while My Form I-485 Is Pending? (03/17/2023)
Can A Single-person Office Apply for the Green Card as the EB1 Multinational Manager? (2/25/2023)
Do I Qualify for E Visa? and What Are the Requirements for E Visa Application? (2/24/2023)
After My Layoff, What Happens If the Employer Revokes the I-485 Application? (2/7/2023)
The Evidence for EB1-EA and EB1-OR Application (2/6/2023)
USCIS Proposed to Raise Application Fees and New $600 Fee for Asylum Program (1/16/2023)
What Are the Requirements for the EB1-C Functional Manager Application? (1/15/2023)
Year 2022 Questions & Answers
How Could I Qualify for the EB1 Outstanding Researcher or Professor? (12/19/2022)
Can I Apply for O-1 Visa? What Are the O-1 Visa Qualification Requirements? (12/18/2022)
An Important Difference In Dual Intent for O-1 and H-1B (11/21/2022)
P2 Visas Application for Artist in Reciprocal Exchange Programs (11/20/2022)
The EB-1C Request For Evidence (RFE) for Continue Doing Business in U.S.  and Abroad (10/22/2022)
How to Get a Reference Letter from Officer of a U.S. Government Agency (10/21/2022)
Published Material in Professional or Trade Publications for EB1 Extraordinary Ability Patition (10/3/2022)
Can I Use the “On-the-Job” Experience in My PERM Labor Certification Application? (10/2/2022)
Can I Claim the EB-1A Criterion - the Judge of the Work of Others? (9/12/2022)
ICE Field Representatives for Monitoring SEVP Schools and Students (9/11/2022)
What If My Employer Is Not Paying Me the Prevailing Wage? (8/22/2022)
Request For Evidence from USCIS for Employer's Ability to Pay (8/21/2022)
How to Reply the Question in the Request For Evidence (RFE) for Publication Citations? (8/2/2022)
The Differences Between Sponsor and Joint Sponsor for Form I-864 Affidavit of Support (8/1/2022)
H-1B or L1 Visa Holder Travelling outide the United States with Pending I-485 Application (7/11/2022)
P-1 Visa for a Member of an Internationally Recognized Entertainment Group (7/10/2022)
Am I Eligible for EB1 Extraordinary Ability Petition as Self-Petitioner? (6/21/2022)
Do I Need to File Form I-864 as an Affidavit of Support? (6/20/2022)
The Response to EB1 Request For Evidence Notice in the Field of Sport (5/30/2022)
Does EB1 Outstanding Researcher or Professor Petition Need Employer Sponsorship? (5/29/2022)
How USCIS Evaluate the Managerial or Executive Status for an EB-1C Petition? (5/2/2022)
It Is Necessary to Maintain H-4 Status for H-1B Spouse (5/1/2022)
The Allowed Comparable Evidence EB1 Outstanding Professor or Researcher Petition (4/11/2022)
It Is Very Importance to Double Check All Information on the ETA Form 9089 (4/10/2022)
What Is the Detail of Recent Changes of the Fee Payments for H-1B Petition? (3/16/2022)
How to Assemble and Send My RFE Response to USCIS? (3/15/2022)
The Form I-485 Application and Criminal Record Report (2/28/2022)
The Requirements of EB2 National Interest Waiver Application and Its Eligibility Criteria (2/27/2022)
Successor Requests to Use a Predecessor’s Approved Permanent Labor Certification (2/7/2022)
The Alien Applicant's Job Duties Must be Sufficiently Similar for Form I-485 Application (2/6/2022)
U.S. Green Card Application for Officials of Foreign Government or International Organizations (1/19/2021)
The Grace Periods for F-1 Students and J-1 Exchange Visitors (1/18/2021)
Year 2021 Questions & Answers
Can My Employer File Form I-140 Petition to USCIS as Successor-In-Interest? (12/30/2021)
Do I Need a Consultation Letter for My O-1 Visa Application? (12/29/2021)
Can I File an Amended I-140 Petition to USCIS with a New PERM Labor Certification? (12/10/2021)
File PERM Labor Certification Late and the Rules for H-1B Extensions (12/9/2021)
What Is the Next Step to Get U.S. Green Card After the Labor Certification Approval? (11/16/2021)
The Advantages of O-1 Visa over H-1B Visa (11/15/2021)
The Validity Period of Approved Permanent Labor Certification to File a Form I-140 Petition  (10/21/2021)
Do I Need to Apply for L-1A Visa? What Are the Advantages to Have L-1A Visa? (10/20/2021)
What Is the Standard of USCIS Review of O1 Visa Application? (9/27/2021)
The Difference Between the EB2 NIW and the EB1 Extraordinary Ability Application (9/26/2021)
If I Quit My Job, Will It Jeopardize My J-1 Waiver and I Am Out of Status? (9/6/2021)
How to Reply RFE Request of "Wide Effect on Entire Field" for EB2 NIW Petition?  (9/5/2021)
Is the EB2 Visa Backlog also Applies for NIW Petition Cases? (8/16/2021)
Will the Job Change and New Job Title Affect My Pending Form I-485 Application? (8/15/2021)
The Application of Reentry Permit to Avoid Abandoning the Green Card (7/27/2021)
What Are the Consequences of Quitting My H-1B Employment? (7/26/2021)
What Are the Possible Ways to Remain in Legal Status in U.S. after Quitting a H-1B Job?  (7/4/2021)
How to Approve a Foreign Degree Deemed Equivalent to U.S. Bachelor’s Degree (7/3/2021)
The Status Extension and Employment after a H-1B Petition for F-1 Student (06/15/2021)
As a Laid Off H-1B Employee, Do I Have an Automatic 10-Day Grace Period? (06/14/2021)
The Consular Processing to Get Immigrant Visa after NIW I-140 Approval (5/25/2021)
Can I File a Motion to Reopen or Motion to Reconsider after Form I-140 Denial? (5/24/2021)
How Long Can I Expect for the PERM Processing Time, and How to Speed the Process? (4/28/2021)
Foreign Physician's Application for EB2 National National Interest Waiver (4/27/2021)
Do I Need to Get the J1 Waiver Before I Change to O-1 Visa? (4/5/2021)
Important Differences between Labor Certification and Employment Authorization Document  (4/4/2021)
Do I Have to Go Through an Interview after Submitting the I-485 Application?  (3/14/2021)
Unauthorized Employment and Form I-485 Application for U.S. Green Card (3/13/2021)
How to Register the H1B Cap Filing and H1B Visa Application? (2/22/2021)
USCIS Adjudicator's Wide Discretion in Adjudicating the EA-1A Petition (2/21/2021)
Prong 3 of Matter of Dhanasar - Balancing Factors to Determine Waiver's Benefit to U.S. (2/3/2021)
EB-1A Petition's Request for Evidence (RFE) Question of Reviewing Journal Articles (2/2/2021)
Can I Use the Current I-140 Approval to File an H1B with a New Employer? (1/10/2021)
Permanent Position for EB1 Outstanding Researcher or Professor for Employment At Will (1/9/2021)
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