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EB-1C Green Card DIY Package Provides 
Detailed EB1 Executive or Manager Application Process

EB1 Multinational Executive or Manager green card application is in the employment-based immigration visa first preference (EB1 visa) category known as EB-1C or L1A green card. We are the premier online resource where the EB1 Green Card application process of how to file an executive or manager green card application is detailed in our powerful Complete Do-It-Yourself EB-1C green card package. We provide EB-1C DIY Package and various EB1 visa application resources, samples of cover letter, and also share the best practices and questions/answers to help your application process.

The requirements for EB1 multinational executive or manager green card application (or EB-1C immigrant visa application) are similar to those for the L1A visa application requirements - the candidate must have been employed for one year within the past three years by the overseas affiliate, parent company, subsidiary or branch of the U.S. employer, and the alien applicant must work in the United States in a managerial or executive capacity; the company must conduct business within the United States and another country in the regular, systematic, and continuous provision of goods and services; and the company must have been in existence in the United States for at least one year.

For EB1 executive or manager green card application, the regular labor certification requirement is waived, and an applicant can apply for an EB-1C green card without a labor certification. Thus, the EB1 executive or manager green card application has clear advantages for multinational executives, managers, directors, or business owners. We provide high quality EB-1B DIY Package, and examples of cover letter for your application. Our package is very helpful for new immigrants with L1A visa and in the executive or manager position.

EB-1C Multinational Executive or Manager Green Card Application Resources

The executives or managers of multinational companies seeking to expand to or relocate in the United States may wish to seek permanent residence in the United States. The most appropriate immigration category for owners, executives or managers of such companies is the EB1 Multinational Executives or Managers. Most executives or managers of multinational companies will be able to seek permanent residence under the first employment-based preference as multinational managers and executives (EB-1C).

In order to qualify for the EB-1C immigration visa category, it is better for an applicant to has a L1A visa. Although L1A visa is not a prerequisite for immigrant benefits in the EB-1C category, an applicant with L1A visa will have a stronger case for the EB-1C immigrant application. In addition to the requirements applicable to L1A non-immigrants visa, a multinational executive or manager seeking permanent residence must have assumed an executive or managerial position abroad, and the U.S. operation must already have been doing business for at least one year.

At GreenCardApply.com, we are dedicated to providing you with the best resources for the EB-1C visa process and EB-1C Green Card application, and we make every useful information available to help you prepare your green card application in EB1 multinational executive or manager category. Our Do-It-Yourself EB-1C Green Card Package and samples of cover letter will help you avoid the long and painful immigration application process.


Complete Do-It-Yourself Package
for EB-1C Green Card Application

To help you obtain EB1 executive or manager green card easily and quickly, we provide the high quality and case-proven Complete Do-It-Yourself Package for EB-1C green card application (EB-1C DIY Package, or EB-1C DIY Kit), based on our extensive and practical employment immigration experience.

As added value in the Complete Do-It-Yourself Package for EB1 Executive or Manager application, we provide comprehensive instructions on U.S. immigration application requirements and process, and we also provide the methods of how to prepare the EB-1C application, how to collect evidence, how to show your executive or manager capacity, how to prove your qualification and achievements, and how to write the application cover letter. We also provide step-by-step procedures for EB1 executive or manager application, various application strategies, detailed sample of cover letters, samples of filled forms, complete application check list, application required forms, detailed explanations of many application related important issues, and more.

New immigrants can benefit from our added value to make the complicated application process much simpler and easier, and at the same time meet the U.S. government's rigorous requirements. If you apply for the EB-1C green card by yourself or your employer, or if you have a lawyer to work for you, you will find our EB-1C package very efficient and helpful. With the high quality EB1 executive or manager package and many examples of reference letter and samples of cover letter, you get all the information you need and the step-by-step knowledge and procedures of how to file an EB-1C application, and obtain your green card quickly. Please click here to order an EB-1C Complete Do-It-Yourself Package from us.


Ask William Your Question About
L1A Visa to Green Card, EB1C for Executives or Managers, or L1 Visa Green Card

Click Here to Send an Email to William, if you have any questions about L1A visa to green card, EB1C for managers, L1 visa green card, or how to get an EB-1C green card. We offer general advice on common EB-1C green card related questions, and will reply to your questions in a timely manner. If you have any questions or comments about your application, please do not hesitate to send us an email.

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Please click here to see more William's answers for frequently asked EB1 executive or manager immigration questions. The questions and answers for EB-1C application are updated regularly.



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