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About Green Card Application Service

Green Card Application Service provides U.S. immigration service and support. The has been in the U.S. immigration service since 1997, offering services of Do-It-Yourself Packages for Green Card and Visa Application, and the immigration related questions and answers. Your immigration success is critical to your achievement in the United States.   

The Green Card Application Service's primary focus has been on providing scientists, professors, researchers, engineers, post-doctors, PhD and Master's degree students, and other professionals with updated knowledge and services in U.S. immigration categories of EB1 Extraordinary Ability (EB-1A), EB1 Outstanding Researcher and Outstanding Professor (EB-1B), EB1 Multinational Executive or Manager (EB-1C), EB2 National Interest Waiver (NIW), PERM Labor Certification application, I-140 immigrant petition, I-485 adjustment of status, J1 waiver, H1B visa, O1 visa, P1, P2, P3 visa, and L1 visa in different academic fields. Many new immigrants have got their Green Cards and work visas with the help of our services.

Our high quality "Complete Do-It-Yourself Packages" (Green Card DIY Package, or Green Card DIY Kit) provide complete and cost-saving solutions to help new immigrants avoid the long and painful Green Card application process to get their Green Cards or work visa, specifically in U.S. employment immigration of EB1 and EB2 categories, PERM Labor Certification application, and I-140 immigrant petition. Our goal has been to earn the trust and satisfaction of the customers. We offer competitive price, but we also knew prices alone could not make our business superior. We are determined to combine honest and helpful dealings with outstanding service before, during, and after you ordering the Do-It-Yourself packages from us.

We also provide links to official sources of many FREE U.S. government immigration forms, visa application forms, and services, on our main web page and many secondary web pages. From these links, users can download U.S. government forms for free, and use the services without charge. Our success is due to the long, continued relationships with our customers. Whether you are ordering a Do-It-Yourself package from us for the first time or have bought from us before, our goal is to make your immigration experience as informative and as easy as possible. In addition to our online services, you can also send email to us for your questions and assistance. Your comfort, security and confidence are our utmost concern.

We hope you give us an opportunity to prove why so many people have been trusting our services for years. Based on our extensive, practical, and case-proved employment immigration experience, we believe that our services, strategies, and Complete Do-It-Yourself Packages will help you to collect evidences, illustrate your achievement, prepare reference letters, write cover letter, reply Request For Evidence (RFE) questions, and get your Green Card or work visa quickly.

The is a private non-lawyer web site, and we have been provided our services since 1997. We are not affiliated with any U.S. government agency or official body. We provide immigration information services and Complete Do-It-Yourself Packages, but we are not a law firm and do not provide legal-related services, and do not represent clients before USCIS. We offer general advice on common problems, and do not give specific advice to individuals about their particular problems.







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