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Advisory Notice to U.S. Immigration and Work Visa Applicants 

Many websites on the Internet offer assistance to U.S. immigration (U.S. Green Card) and work visa application process. Some of these websites use misleading information to promote their services. The applicants should exercise caution before choosing the services of a website. Specifically, the applicants should consider the following facts:  

  • There is no U.S. Government agency that can help you apply for U.S. Green Card or work visa. There is no website on the Internet offering assistance with the U.S. Green Card and work visa application process is in any way associated with the U.S. Government. Beware of websites that mislead you to believe they are affiliated with U.S. Government. 
  • There is no fee to use any U.S. Government Agency provided immigration or work visa application form. All immigration application forms and visa application forms are provided free by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), U.S. Department of Labor, and U.S. Department of State. Beware of the websites that do not clearly notify you of this fact. In our website, we provide links to official sources of many free U.S. government immigration forms, visa application forms, and services, on our main web page and many secondary web pages. From these links, users can download the U.S. government forms for free, and use the services without charge.
  • The approval of your Green Card application or work visa application majorly depends on your qualification to meet the requirements in the category, and it also depends on how you present your application case and how to provide the required evidence.

The Green Card Application Service provides U.S. immigration and work visa application service. The greencardapply.com has been in business since 1997, offering services of Do-It-Yourself packages for Green Card and Work Visa Application, and providing the immigration and work visa related questions and answers. 

The Green Card Application Service's primary focus has been on providing scientists, professors, researchers, engineers, post-doctors, PhD and Master's degree students, and other professionals with updated knowledge and services in U.S. immigration and work visa application. Our Complete Do-It-Yourself Packages provide powerful and cost-saving solutions to help new immigrants avoid the long and painful application process to get their Green Cards or work visas, specifically in U.S. employment immigration of EB1 and EB2 categories, PERM Labor Certification application, I-140 immigrant petition, H1 visa, O1 visa, L1 visa, and P1 visa. 

Our goal has been to earn the trust and satisfaction of our customers, and we offer competitive price. We are determined to provide honest and helpful immigration and work visa application service.


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