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Customer's Testimonials on Our
Complete Do-It-Yourself Packages and Services

Customers of our "Complete Do-It-Yourself Package" include researchers, engineers, professors, post-doctors, and Ph.D candidates in different fields and corporations. They depend on our services and information to assist in their petition preparation, evidence collection, cover/reference letter writing, and replying Request For Evidence (RFE) questions, in today’s tough immigration process. We offer general advice on common problems, and do not give specific advice to specific individuals about their particular problems.

Nandwani, Economics Analyst, Long Island, New York: 

"I thought I'd take a minute to share with you a wonderful piece of good news. Following the advice provided in your EB1-EA petition Do-It-Yourself package, I filed an immigrant visa petition based on my status as an Alien of Extraordinary Ability about 2 months ago. The decision not to rely on an Immigration lawyer was a very difficult one, and I must say I was afraid of being unequal to the task of filing it on my own. But when the lawyer asked me for USD $10,000 in honoraria for my whole family members, not counting the filing fees in the amount of another $5,000 for all my dependents, I made up my mind. 

I went ahead and filed my own EB1-EA petition based on your excellent EB1-EA package, with concurrent I-485 and I-765 filings, for myself and my family. Yesterday, just 50 days after filing the petition -- and to my absolute amazement!! -- I got the approval notices from USCIS and further emails informing me that the green cards have been ordered and are now on their way. I am ecstatic, as you can imagine. And of course very grateful to your Green Card Apply Service and your great package! Thanks to your product, I was able to do just the right thing. 

I put together a killer petition, backed up by just the right letters of support (from the State Department, the IMF, several universities, etc.). I followed every recommendation in the files of the DIY package, and can absolutely attest to their effectiveness. It feels great to be a permanent resident, in such a short period of time, and to have done it all on my own. It feels even better to think of the 10 grand I saved by doing it by myself. I just wanted everybody connected with www.greencardapply.com to know how happy and grateful my family and I really are. Thank you so very much." 

Antoine, Medical Researcher, Ames, Iowa:

"I would like to thank you very much for your excellent service to make our processes to obtain the Green Card went as smooth as silk. When I first saw and read your website, I felt confident that I can do it myself. I told one of my friend that I can do it myself. But he didn't believe. He paid the lawyer $5000 for I-140 NIW petition/I-485 concurrently, and after his long waiting he got the RFE letter ask for more evidence, because his lawyer forgot to put some statements in there. He needed to find new evidence including new recommendation letters to sent it back.

After reading your website and your NIW DIY package carefully, I started to prepare the I-140 NIW petition which took sometimes to collect all the evidences and filed it ourselves. Even though we had to wait about 4 months to get the result but it was approved without asking any further evidence. We then prepared for the I-485 according your I-485 DIY package and filed it last month. It was approved today and it take only 5 weeks to get this form I-485 approval. It's much earlier than the processing time that showed in USCIS website. It's so amazing! We were told by USCIS that our Green Cards are on the way. This Green Card will open my opportunity to go to medical residency training which normally difficult to get in because several programs don't want to sponsor H-1B visa. We feel very lucky that we used your packages and finally made it. I would recommend your service to anyone who seek for Green Card. Thank you very much again. We are so appreciated your services."

Cao, Assistant Research Professor, Boston:

"I am very glad to tell you that my EB1B Outstanding Researcher petition is approved after the RFE. I got an email notice yesterday saying that an approval notice has been sent. I can not tell you how excited I was when I got this email notice. I would like to thank you for all of you excellent work. I know my case is not strong. It is you who help me to persuade the immigration office to approve my case.

Without your DIY package, the result might just be to the opposite. I could never expect such an excellent and responsible service. I really appreciate your wonderful DIY package. I would not hesitate to recommend you to my friends if possible in the future.”

Isaaca, Post Doctoral Researcher, West Lafayette, Indiana:

"I am a post doctoral researcher at a university. At this early stage of my career, many lawyers encouraged me to apply for NIW and not EB-1A. I found your brilliant website very helpful in providing tips for self petitioners, and I purchased the DIY package for EB-1A. I did self petition with USCIS' Premium Processing.

I received approval email from USCIS in 2 weeks. I really want to Thank You for your superb DIY package which provided valuable guidance for preparing the necessary documentation needed for the EB-1A petition. Your package saved me the expensive lawyer fee of at least $5000 and time. I would strongly recommend your package to my fellow researchers."

Pisitkun, Financial Analyst, Baltimore, Maryland:

"I have received the approval notice for my I-140 (EB1A) yesterday without asking for any RFE. Thank you for your excellent package of Do-It-Yourself! We saved a lot of money from paying the lawyer. We did not file I-485 concurrently. As your I-485 package suggests to file several forms with the I-485, I would like to ask you some questions and also to make sure I understand correctly.

I would like to know if we want to file for EAD and advanced parole in the future (if it's too long to have I-485 approved) what we should do. The EAD and advanced parole do not process at the local office. We hope we don't need to do that because I still have H-1B valid for almost 2 years. Thank you again for your excellent DIY package and service."

Gupta, Research Associate, Lubbock, Texas:

"It is my pleasure to let you know that with the help of your EB1-EA Do-It-Yourself package, my I-140 EB1-EA application was proved by TSC last week. The DIY package is very helpful for the newcomers like me, by providing step-by-step solutions and superb sample letters. It has been just under 4 months since my paperwork was submitted to the USCIS.

This DIY EB1 Extraordinary Ability package is a MUST for any one looking for Green Card application approval, it helps me a lot to file my case and save TONS of money. I got my From I-140 approval in EB-1A  Extraordinary Ability category in less than 4 month. Thanks to William, he is the best of the best. This is really money well spent, 5 stars from a very happy customer. I could not be happier with the help of your services. What you do means so much more to people like us. Thank you so much."

Shen, Ph.D Student, Ann Arbor, Michigan:

"As a Ph.D candidate in Physics with strong research background, I failed my first I-140 petition for NIW, because I did not know the strategies of relating my research with "US National Interest". After I visited your exceptional web site, I purchased your package for EB1-EA, and I got my petition approved within 4 months. I want to thank you for everything you did to assist me.

I am sure if I did it though my potential employer, I would have still been waiting. If there is anything that I can do for you in the future, please don't hesitate to contact me. I owe you big!"

Rangy, Research Scientist, Atlanta, Georgia:

"Thank you so much for everything you did during my EB1 Outstanding Researcher I-140 immigration process and RFE response, I already received the I-140 approval. You made the EB1 Outstanding Researcher application and its REF process for me really smooth and easy. It has been a genuine pleasure to collaborate with you. 

I felt confident now and will submit I-485 application soon. Thanks to all your guidance and support. Every encounter with your help was pleasant and I really had a great experience with the whole process. I am so happy now, and I really appreciate your help." 

Bender, Senior Software Engineer, Fresno, California:

"Yesterday was a wonderful day! I finally received my NIW approval. The timing could not have been more perfect. More than one year ago, to do my EB2-NIW petition, I hired a local lawyer who was not an expert in NIW petition. After getting RFE from USCIS for NYS-DOC questions and other difficult questions, my lawyer basically had no idea of replying. From a friend,

I got your web site address and purchased the package for RFE of NIW. I replied the RFE questions by following the samples and strategies in your package, and got my approval after 27 days. Thank you for your wonderful service from my heart! You have made us very very happy."

Lee, Visiting Scientist, Malta, New York:

"After a lot of research, I went back to your web page several times before making a decision as to what service to use. I selected your J-1 Visa Waiver package, because of what I thought was the best information to work with. I am very happy to report by using your package for the J-1 Visa Waiver, I was very successful. I requested your package on 11 June. I carefully wrote all the documents following your guidance and submitted them to the Dept of State. In about one month I got the package from the Dept of State and mailed everything needed to my embassy.

The Dept of State had everything in their hands by and on 25 July notified me and my embassy of recommendation based on “No Objection”. USCIS received the notice on 31 July and on 18 Aug approved my waiver and I received the approval in the mail on 23 August. So from the time I ordered the package until approval by USCIS, it was about 74 days. I am now going to order the NIW package and looking forward to the same great results."

Chen, System Analyst, Washington DC:

"I'd like to take this chance to thank you for all your help with my recent petition approval for PERM and I-140. Also, if this gets on your web site, I'd like to tell everyone out there they should strongly consider talking your service, before anyone does any immigration paperwork for their Green Card application.

With the help of your excellent PERM Labor Certification Application package, I received my Labor Certification approval from DOL within one month without auditing, which allowed me to file I-140 application for immigration visa in time, and also saved my employer (and myself too) thousand dollars of immigration lawyer fee. Thank you very much!"

Alim, Researcher Scientist II, Denver, CO:

"After I get the REQUEST FOR EVIDENCE (RFE) for my NIW petition, I ordered your RFE package of NIW. I am very glad to see the final approval notice of my National Interest Waiver application after the RFE response submission. Thank you all for this great job which has been done by your Service. It is my pleasure to recommend my friends later.

I believe that all my colleagues will know your firm very soon, probably in the office tomorrow. Now, I can send my references to you from my university and my company knowing that my NIW case was approved, because of your very powerful NIW package, and your services and packages are very efficient. Again, thank you all very much!"

Murarka, Post-doctor Researcher, New York City:

"Fortunately for me, I discovered your great service and web site. As a post-doctor researcher in a university, I got my EB1-EA I-140 petition approved recently with few publications and a successful RFE reply. I followed the information provided in the Do-It-Yourself Package, and it makes this complicated process much simpler.

I hope I could get my I-485 approval soon, so I may obtain GC before my two year post-doctor term over. For any new immigrants, If you're really serious about apply for Green Card by yourself, use this DIY package in the beginning. Trust me, it is much more than worth it. Thanks again." 

Radhakrishnan, Assistant Professor, Boston, Massachusetts:

"Today I got the great news! Thank you so much for all your assistance, you really have brought our dream to reality. As an assistant professor in a top U.S. university, I got a Request For Evidence notice from USCIS Service Center, for my EB1-Outstanding Professor application prepared by my university, including tough questions such as International Reputation and Original Scientific Contribution.

With the reference from my colleague, I ordered your Do-It-Yourself Package for RFE of EB1-OR, which helped me replying all the RFE questions successfully, and got the I-140 approval in a short time thereafter. From the bottom of our hearts, my wife and I thank you so much for everything you did to make this possible. I will recommend you to anyone else having Green Card troubles."

Shi, Research Engineer, Atlanta, Georgia:

"I have a lawyer to help me for the EB1-OR petition, but I need to prepare all evidences and reference letters by myself. To learn more petition process and strategies, I purchased your EB1-OR Do-It-Yourself package, which helped me a lot for my petition.

I learnt much more from your package and your web site than from my lawyer, who always refuses to return my phone calls and emails. I got my I-140 approval within three months, mostly due to the credit of your powerful package."

Natalia, Assistant Professor, Schenectady, New York:

"I want to express my great appreciation on your kind assistance and work on my EB1 Outstanding Professor application. With the approval of my EB-1B based I-140 application, the numerous problems that I had experienced finally went away. Now, my happiness is beyond the reach of any words.

Please accept my most genuine compliment to your service and DIY package, and the professionalism you have consistently demonstrated since our initial contact with my initial inquiry for a free evaluation. You provide the best immigration DIY packages in the market, and I will recommend your services to my friends. Thank you so much."

Tarasov, Senior System Engineer, Los Angeles, California:

"Thanks you very much for your help for my NIW and I-485 application approval. I have received the green card from USCIS. I am pretty happy that my NIW green card application went so smoothly due to your very helpful NIW DIY package and and your kind help. Totally, it takes 9 month from submitting the NIW application to receiving the green card. I am really grateful to your help for my application.

I recall several e-mail discussions through which I have gradually gained confidence, and finally reached the point to file NIW application by using your NIW DIY package. With small number of publications, I knew my chance for NIW petition would be slim without your guide and expertise. I will introduce your perfect service to my friends, and hope they also can get success from your excellent service and fullest endeavor."

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