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Certification Application and Related Green Card Application

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How Long Can I Expect for the PERM Processing Time, and How to Speed the Process?
The Application of Prevailing Wage Determination for PERM and H-1B Programs
What Is Involved in the Supervised Recruitment Process for My PERM Application?
How Is the Prevailing Wages Determined?
How  to File the Labor Certification PERM application with the ETA Form 9089?
Filing Another ETA Form 9089 Application after the First One Was Rejected
Paying the Listed Prevailing Wage on the Labor Certification 
How to Determine the "Prevailing Wage" in a Labor Certification Application
Does My Employer Must Pay the Prevailing Wage on the Labor Certification?
Can I Use the “On-the-Job” Experience in My PERM Labor Certification Application?
How to Request Prevailing Wage Determination for PERM Labor Certification?
Can I Upgrade My Green Card Application Case from EB3 to EB2 Category?
The Supervised Recruitment for PERM Labor Certification
Request For Evidene from USCIS for Employer's Ability to Pay
The Requirements for PERM Labor Certification Advertisement
It Is Very Importance to Double Check All Information on the ETA Form 9089
Can I File a U.S. Green Card Application for Myself?
File PERM Labor Certification Late and the Rules for H-1B Extensions
Draft Labor Certification Carefully to Avoid Problems at the Form I-140 Application
PERM Labor Certification Notice Posting for 10 Consecutive Business Days
The Foreign Labor Certification iCERT Visa Portal System 
Important Differences between Labor Certification and Employment Authorization Document (EAD)
After PERM Application Approval, How Long the I-140 Petition Process Will Take?
What Are the Processes from the Labor Certification to Get My Green Card?
The Green Card Application Process after the PERM Labor Certification Approval
Obtaining the Prevailing Wage Determination before Recruitment Process
How to Conduct the PERM Labor Certification Recruitment Process
What Is the PERM Labor Certification Application Audit? and What Do I Expect?
The PERM Labor Certification Requirements for EB-2 With Master Degree
What May Be the Possible Reasons for ETA Form 9089 Rejection?
Challenges and Minimum Requirements When Employer Seeks Labor Certification in EB2
Can I Use My Experience with Current Employer to Apply for the PERM Labor Certification?
What Happens to My Labor Certifications Filed by the Predecessor Company?
How to Qualify for EB2 - Members of the Professions Holding Advanced Degree
Applying for US. Green Card in the Category of EB2 with a BS Degree
What Are the Major Difference between EB2 and EB3 Green Card Application?
When Is the EB2 Category Mentioned in My Green Card Application Process?
Can I Apply for U.S. Green Card in Labor Certification with TN visa
Can I Use AC-21 Rule to Change Employer before I-140 Approval? 
New Job Can be Similar but Differ in Some Respects for AC-21 Job Changing
Does My Sponsoring Employer Have to Withdraw My I-140 or Inform the USCIS?
What is Foreign Labor Certification iCERT Visa Portal System?
Foreign Physicians Applying for Green Card in National Interest Waiver or Labor Certification
Can I Begin to Search for New Job, or Change Employer if Possible?
Do I Need to Renew the EAD If the EB3 Visa Number is Available Soon?
Can I Leave My Current Job to Take Another Good Job Offer Using the AC-21 Portability?
Why the USCIS Still Have Question of My Job Qualification after the Labor Certification Approval?
Can I File the H-1B 7th-year Extension before I Reach 365 Days of Labor Certification?
The Priority Date Is not Transferable Between the Spouses
Filing EB1-Outstanding Researcher Petition, and Use Priority Date of the Labor Certification
Borrow the Priority Date from the EB-2 Labor Certification to File the EB-3 Concurrent I-140/I-485 Application
If I Have to Leave the U.S., Can I Come Back Based on My Approved Labor Certification?
It Is Permissible to File a Case after the Prevailing Wage Determination Validity Period Has Ended
What Options are Available to my Employer who Disagrees with the Prevailing Wage Determination?
Employer Must Show the Ability to Pay the Prevailing Wage in which the Labor Certification Was Filed
The Retention of the Earlier Priority Date is Permitted for a Later Filed EB1-Extraordinary Ability Case
Does the Proposed Regulation Change on Labor Certification Substitution Will Affect My Case?
What Will Happen to my Labor Certification Application?
Is There any Way to Save My Labor Certification and the Approved I-140?
I Am not Sure Whether I Should File an Outstanding Researcher Petition or a Labor Certification
To Keep The Labor Certification, You Should Not Change Your Job
My PERM Labor Certification Was Instantly Rejected, What Can I Do Now?
The Labor Certification Sets Forth Minimum Qualifications for a Position
What Are the Recruitment Advertisement Requirements in the PERM Program?
For the Labor Certification, the Employer Needs to Prove its Ability to Pay the Prevailing Wage
I Want to Know What Date is My Priority Date




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