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Complete Do-It-Yourself Package for PERM Labor Certification Application

To apply for PERM Labor Certification, one way is that you can do-it-yourself for free by downloading ETA Form 9089 and its instructions from U.S. Department of Labor's (DOL) website for your PERM Labor Certification application, and follow the instructions to complete the form filling. The better way is that you can order our Complete Do-It-Yourself Package to help you going through the complicated process.

To help you get your Labor Certification and Green Card easily and quickly, we provide a high quality and case-proven Complete Do-It-Yourself Package for PERM Labor Certification Application, based on our extensive and practical immigration experience.

As added value in the Complete Do-It-Yourself Package for PERM Labor Certification Application, we provide comprehensive instructions on foreign labor certification application requirements and processing, we also let you know the required application documents, job order placement, prevailing wage request, recruitment procedures, advertisement process, samples of job order form and prevailing wage request form, samples of advertisement, detailed item-by-item Instructions of how to fill ETA form 9089, and sample of a filled Form ETA 9089. It also includes detailed explanation of auditing, withdrawal, re-filing, appeal, and the Form I-140/I-148 applications. All required application information and forms are included in the package.

New immigrants can benefit from our added value to make the complicated application process much simpler and easier, at the same time meet the U.S. Government's rigorous requirements. Therefore, our Complete Do-It-Yourself Package for PERM Labor Certification Application is much more beneficial than the U.S. Government website's free service.

You will find this package to be very helpful. With the package, you get all the information you need and step-by-step knowledge of how to get your PERM Labor Certification Application approved, and obtain your Green Card by filing Form I-140 and I-485 applications. The following is a list of the package contents:   

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Part One: The PERM Labor Certification Principles, Requirements, Procedurals, and Steps
1. The Principles and Requirements for a PERM Labor Certification Application to Succeed
2. How to Determine a Job is Professional or Nonprofessional, and Why a Job Offer Is Essential
3. What are the Employer's Obligations to Sponsor PERM, and How Long the Employer Must Continue to Employ an Alien
4. The Procedurals and Important Aspects of the PERM Labor Certification 
5. Step-By-Step Description of Labor Certification Process, and How Long It Will Take to Get Labor Certification
Part Two: Green Card Application Timeline, Job Requirements, and Job Order Placement
1. Timeline for Sponsoring an Alien for Green Card - PERM Process, Form I-140 and I-485 Application
2. The Important Considerations for an Employer to Determine the Job Requirements and Duties for a Position
3. The Job Order Requirement and How to Place a Job Order to a State Workforce Agency
4. Job Order Placement Links and Information for all 50 States
5. Sample of a Filled Job Order Form of a State Workforce Agency
Part Three: How to Obtain the PERM Prevailing Wage from National Prevailing Wage and Helpdesk Center
1. The Detailed Analysis of Prevailing Wage Determination and the Alternative Wage Survey
2. The Frequently Ask Questions and Answers about PERM Prevailing Wage Determination
3. ETA Form 9141 - Application for Prevailing Wage Determination
4. General Instructions for ETA Form 9141 - Application for Prevailing Wage Determination
5. Sample of Filled Form ETA 9141 - Application for Prevailing Wage Determination
6. How to Create and Submit ETA Form 9141 at flag.dol.gov
Part Four: Detailed Instructions of Recruitment, Advertisement, Recruitment Report, and Notice of the Filing
1. Detailed Description of Mandatory Recruitment Steps Under PERM, and the Sunday Newspaper Advertisements
2. The Steps of Conducting Recruitment for Professional Occupations and Nonprofessional Occupations
3. The Requirement of Advertisement and How to Draft a PERM Advertisement
4. Detailed Description of Employers' Responsibilities When Reviewing Resume, and Lawful Reasons of Rejecting Candidates
5. The Requirement of Recruitment Report, and How to Prepare and Maintain Record of the Recruitment/Interview Process
6. The Requirement of the Notice of the Filing and How to Post a Notice of the Filing
7. Optional Special Recruitment and Documentation Procedures for College and University Teachers
8. Sample of 2 PERM Advertisements for Newspapers and Journals
9. Sample Notice of the Filing (Internal Job Posting) for a PERM Labor Certification Application
Part Five: Detailed Instructions and Sample of Filled Form 9089 for PERM Labor Certification Application
1. The PERM Process of Employer On-line Registration and the Creation of Sub-accounts for Attorneys or Agents
2. Understand Some Important Issues before Filing ETA Form 9089 Application
3. The Step-By-Step Instructions for ETA Form 9089 and the Problematic Areas
4. The Frequently Ask Questions and Answers about Filing ETA Form 9089
5. How to Submit ETA Form 9089 and Check Its Status, and How to File PERM Applications by Mail
6. How to Withdraw and Re-file a PERM Labor Certification Application
7. Sample of a Filled PERM Labor Certification Application Form - ETA Form 9089
8. Detailed Instructions of How to Fill ETA Form 9089 - Application for Permanent Employment Certification
9. How to Assemble Your Application Documents in a Nicely Package for Easily Locate the Evidence
10. Employers' Most Common PERM and ETA Form 9089 Application Mistakes, and How to Avoid Them
Part Six: Applying for USCIS Form I-140 without PERM Approval from DOL for some Qualified Aliens
1. How to Waive the Labor Certification for Therapists, Nurses, and Aliens with Exceptional Ability in Sciences and Arts
2. Physical Therapists and Nurses -  Apply for USCIS Form I-140 without a PERM Approval from DOL
3. Aliens with Exceptional Ability in Sciences and Arts - Apply for USCIS Form I-140 without a PERM Approval from DOL
Part Seven: The Auditing, Supervised Recruitment, and Appeal of a Denied Labor Certification
1. Top Reasons Why Labor Certification Is Denied, and Pitfalls and Detours in Labor Certification
2. What to Expect for Labor Certification Audits, and What Will Actually Trigger an Labor Certification Audit
3. The Required Procedures, Documents, Deadline, and Other Important Issues for PERM Auditing
4. How to Avoid the Auditing - Understanding the DOL Audit Criteria and Factors
5. The Requirement of Conducting Supervised Recruitment and the Recruitment Report
6. How to Avoid Labor Certification Denial, and How to Appeal a Denied Labor Certification
Part Eight: The Green Card Application Procedure, I-140 Petition, I-485 Adjustment of Status, and PERM forms
1. The Three Stages of Green Card Application Procedure and the Visa Number Retrogression 
2. The USCIS Form I-140 Petition Process After PERM Labor Certification Approval 
3. The Adjustment of Status - Form I-485 Application, Consular Processing, and Some Important Considerations
4. ETA Form 9089 - PERM Labor Certification Application Form
5. The Standard Occupational Classification and the SOC/O*NET (OES) Code Used in the Prevailing Wage Determination
6. iCERT Prevailing Wage Determination Quick Start Guide



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